What are Commemorative Plaques?

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commemorative plaques are everywhere

A Commemorative Plaque is a plate of a chosen type of material fixed onto a wall or another surface that displays text and images in memory of a person/persons, place, event or any other memory wished to be shared.

Commemorative Plaques will last for years once placed in the desired location and that’s why we at Rustic Stone create beautiful commemorative plaques that are unique to our customers.

Commemorative plaques are also chosen to mark time capsules that have been planted into a special locations. Time Capsules have been around for hundreds of years we believe but most recently we have been placing plaques alongside of them for years to come. In United Kingdom there are many plaque schemes who erect commemorative plaques in place as a history project. You may have seen some of these plaques around showing where famous people used to live and other memorable information.

example of a commemorative plaque

The English Heritage Scheme took over the original blue plaque scheme in 1986 and since has erected hundreds over England. In London alone there have been 880 blue commemorative plaques put up to announce events, people and other important dates in which we would want future generations to see. However around 100 of these plaques have been removed due to deterioration or demolishment.

We also know that not all commemorative plaques are big and used to represent where a famous person has once lived. Plaques can be given out to well deserving people as awards or on trophies. These types of plaques or plaquettes as sometimes known, will usually have the name, date and a reason for why this award has been given.

Rustic Stone can create these bespoke commemorative plaques and stones from many different memorial type of stones, these including Sandstone, Marble, Slate or Yorkshire stone. With all our years of experience, we can create any type of plaque you request, leaving you with a professional and unique commemorative sign for people to enjoy for years to come.

When designing your commemorative plaques, we have listed a few key elements below to take into mind:

  • Design the plaque big enough for the area, it will be fitted onto. Take lots of measurements.
  • Make sure that the writing will be large enough for people to read even from a short distance away.
  • Add a border to the plaque. A border will give the plaque some stainability and give a professional look and feel.
  • Research your material base. You will want your plaque to look its best through weather conditions and years to pass.

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