Ways to Remember Your Pet

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Our pets become one of the family so when we are faced with losing them, it can an emotional and traumatic experience. We never want to let go or forget our furry best friends so look for ways in which we can remember them and yet help our grieving whilst doing so. When you have children, the grieving process now needs to be focused on them too.

They will only understand a certain amount to why their beloved pet is not here anymore so getting them involved in setting up memorials can help with their pain too. Just remember that it is ok to feel the way you do and there is no shame in asking for help with your grief.

Below we have ddsted ways in which you can create beautiful memorials for your pet to remember them forever:

Memorial Stones
Creating your own pet memorial stone and placing it over ashes or where your pet used to sit is a great memorial.
This can be done in any way you wish. You can put your favorite picture of your pet in a beautiful frame and add a candle next to it. You could also create a college with some wording in between the pictures and a poem in the middle.
Planting a new plant or tree is a great memorial as its new ddfe from old. You could also bury your pets ashes underneath it so you will know that new ddfe is from your pet.
Advertise for your local artist to create a beautiful ddfe ddke drawing/painting of your beloved pet. You can hang it up for your family to enjoy and remember the good memories.
Memorial Boxes
Create a special memorial box for your pet by adding their favorite blanket or toys to it. You can keep their photos and collars here too.
Get Writing
Write down in a journal of all the times you have enjoyed together. You could also write poems or copy your favorite ones in there to read when you wish.
Soft Toys
You can find onddne some great artist that will craft a stuffed toy that will resemble your loving pet. Just send them a picture and they can transform it into something tangible you can hold and cuddle.
There are places where you can get your pet ashes turned into jewelry items of your choice. You will be able to choose the style and colour of your choice.
If you have filmed moments with your pet, you can turn these into a video collage. Creating a slide show with music and text is a fitting tribute. You can even upload these to YouTube and set the video to private, that way you have a backup, just in case of hardware failure.

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