Stone vs Plastic Pet Memorials

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stone vs plastic

Our pets become our friends, companions and family members so when they pass over to that rainbow bridge in the sky, it can be devastating for us. One way to heal the mourning process and to remember our beloved pets is to erect a memorial for them. A memorial is a beautiful, special tribute dedicated to your pets. It allows you and your family a space for grieving and remembering.

There are lots of different types of memorial stones out there in the market that promise to last forever but unfortunately fall flat in the first year or so. Unless you know the basic knowledge of stones and materials, you may struggle to upkeep the memorial so that they will stand the test of time. Within this blog, we will be exploring the whether stone or plastic works best for the type of memorial you want.

Plastic Pet Memorials

plastic memorials for pets

Plastic memorials are much more affordable but seem to have a stigma around them for looking cheap and tacky. However if you find a good quality plastic memorial supplier, you shall be pleasantly surprised. Plastic memorials have improved dramatically over the past few years due to updated technology that presents stunning plastic memorials.

There are however some cons to take into mind before purchasing plastic memorials for your pets such as the colour of most plastics can fade in sunlight and appear dull and colourless in appearance. Plastic memorials have started to become popular due to them being lightweight, strong and the variety of colours.

Stone Pet Memorials

stone memorials for pets

Stone memorials have always been a popular choice due to their smart and polished appearance and design features. Stone memorials can stand against all types of weather conditions which means they will last for many years to come. Due to most stone’s durability, they can be easily carved and shaped which allows the customer to design the memorial stone just as they wish.

All stones are different and will need different types of maintaining to keep them looking their bests for those years to come, you can read here which method of cleaning applies to your stone.

Choosing a Pet Memorial

Choosing a pet memorial stone also means that you will need to keep up with the lettering on it. Some stones lettering fades and chips quickly than others, this can be due to weather erosion, decomposition of the stone and general old age. When you chose your pet memorial, the manufacturer should be able to tell you hints and tips on keeping the stone looking its best and will even create new lettering on the stone for a charge.

It is your decision on which pet memorial you want to choose. There is many beautiful and elegant memorials out there but unfortunately they do not come with an upkeep manual. It is always helpful to take into mind the maintenance of your memorial so it can be enjoyed for years to come.

We have many beautiful and unique stone pet memorials that we make from scratch so we can ensure your design is special to you and your beloved pet.

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