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We often get many orders for businesses use here at Rustic Stone from companies that are looking for a unique and elegant look. Our signs are perfect for all businesses and commercial buildings addresses, It is worth noting that most companies like to look modern most of the time unless they are selling vintage items, if your business is looking for some contemporary or modern signage then we recommend natural plaques, if you’re looking for an old vintage feel ideal for businesses such as farms, pubs, and animal rescues etc. we highly advise our natural stone plaques.

Below you can find examples of our completed work for customers and some experiment work we have tried and test.

Nicholas King Homes

business signs

Here we have a lovely example of our bespoke business signs that we supplied to Nicholas King Homes for Criterion House, as you can see from the image displayed above we are able to fit in the number of the address, the house name and even the company who’s property it is. This modern plaque was supplied with pre-drilled holes and screw fittings and came polished, please note we are able to work with architects CAD drawings and utilize them in Adobe Illustrator Designs.

  • Material: Slate
  • Dimensions: 400mm x 300mm
  • Text Colour: White

Amberleigh Homes

commercial sign for Amberleigh homes

Here is yet another business plaque we made for commercial property developer called Amberleigh Homes for the building name of Hamilton Way. As can see this plaque is made from solid welsh slate and is very modern looking, many people assume that stones are not very modern looking but as you can see this isn’t the case and is a great alternative to plastic and metal types.

  • Material: Slate
  • Dimensions: 400mm x 300mm
  • Text Colour: Gold

Siemens UK

We were surprised that we were approached by such a big company as Siemens UK basically what they wanted was a cool slate award plaque for corporate use. The picture below displays the logo they requested on their stone, absolutely fantastic.

siemens uk award plaque

The logo was quite tricky with its very thin lined design but we were so happy with the way they looked we thought a blog post was in order.

We had to get the turbine logo / cartoon redrawn by a specialist as it was not usable in the way it was supplied. The awards are still to have the awardee’s names engraved into brass to be fixed under the turbine and above the Siemens logo. We were particularly happy with the clarity of the overall design as sometimes small text and thin design lines are very tricky to work with.


This stone sign was designed and personalised for a US business customer, they specifically wanted the Syracuse font shown and were extremely happy with the finished product. Shipping is obviously more expensive to USA but we try and keep the costs as low as possible – we pass on any savings that can be made.

Please note: We can send all but our large commercial signs and roughhewn freestanding signs to USA.

personalised house plaque

Princess Royal

This was a picture sent in by one of our customers of the Princess Royal opening a new wing of the Hearing Dogs For The Deaf charity building in Buckingham Shire.

unvieling opening plaque

Thanks for sending it in Alice. It’s the best picture of Princess Anne yet! I hope she never gets bored unveiling our presentation plaques. We had quite a run of making slate presentation / unveiling signs for Princess Royal to unveil.

Interestingly, we found in the process that the royals will not unveil anything with corporate logos on and the royal’s name has to be at least as large if not larger than the biggest text on the marker! Now you know.

Gate Signs not just for Homes

While gate signs are not so fitting for businesses we thought we’d add it as we have had some business customers order a sign for the entrance or back gate at the end of the property to mark these business label.

stone gate signs

These plaques are slightly thinner and lighter than our usual signs and this makes them a more durable for life on a gate that might receive a rougher treatment than a wall mounted one due to slamming, etc. All of the gate range of colours are available. We only recommend screw fixing for mounting with gate signs and we only offer rectangular slate for gate signs.

Please Note: Borders are optional.

QR Code Engraved onto Slate Plaque

As an experiment we made a QR code of Rustic Stone info and turned it into a vector file and then engraved it into slate. It works and I think it would make a pretty cool business sign, shop sign, or just a cool thing to have as a corporate gift perhaps.

QR Code on Stone

The first version that we tried was engraved into some solid stone and sadly did not work, it seems that QR codes do not like white engraving on a dark grey background (But this could be a limitation of the device I’m scanning with, but of course should work with all.) but when changing the colour to black, BINGO, a fully functioning QR code!

We added the business name, the phone number, email address and website URL to make up the data. It was a bit fiddly to engrave at 100mm x 100mm – that’s a lot of tiny detail and I was never sure it would work.

Please note that someone has pointed out that the image doesn’t scan, we can confirm that the image above does not scan, but the real deal does, like a charm.

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