Inspiration: Stone House Signs from Rustic Stone

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Our house signs are made from stone that comes from a welsh quarry in North Wales, below you can view some of our finest examples of this type of sign we have sold to our customers. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


Free Standing Engraved Stone Sign

Above is a lovely demonstration of a sign we made for the home Highcroft, the font that we used was Goudy Hand Tooled Font. Goudy HT is a very tricky font to work with on unpolished natural stone but is a very popular choice with our customers as it’s so different. The use of this font and natural rocks we use look absolutely fantastic.

Dimensions: 660mm x 283mm

Kielder House

Address Sign

In our experience home and business names and short address work best with freestanding signs, the rocks and stones we use are so thick on the base that they are able to stand up on their own with no support and will hold up against bad weather. However if you are concerned that you live in a very stormy area within the UK or maybe you are worried about theft then they can be fixed more permanently with studs drilled into the base if theft or vandals is a problem.

The font used on this house address sign was monotype corsiva – a very popular font with our clients as it’s pretty without being unreadable or too formal.

Dimensions: 525mm x 315mm

The Croft

custom freestanding

A fine image of a custom house sign we made for a custom with their very own flowery image, we think it’s a good example of how our customers design service gives our customer exactly what they are looking for in their signage. The customer supplied the flower image used here us our upload function within our online design tool, the image however did need some cleaning up which we always try to do but depending on the image provided we can’t always assure this is the case.

Dimensions: 470mm x 290mm

Thistle Dubh

rock house signage

We really like the name of Thistle Dubh it looks really nice on low height slate; we used white text with the font Monotype. This type of sign is not suitable for wall mounting; however, if you are concerned about someone stealing your item, they can be anchored with chemical anchors such as “No More Nails”. Or failing that, studs can be drilled into the base for a more secure permanent mounting solution.

Dimensions: 478mm x 160mm

Romney House Cat Rescue

cat rescue signage

We are always delighted when we are able to assist company’s such as animal rescues we recently made a sign for Romney House Cat Rescue, they loved the image of the cat and their purchase extended then expectations. Oh, and if you want to know the font we used is Lucida Calligraphy.

Want to Buy One?

Please take a look at house sign tutorial: Get started: design your own personal house sign.

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