Slate Stone vs Sandstone

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slate stone vs sandstone

All stone materials are different and each have their own pros and cons of usage. Before using a type of stone, it is always best to research the material to get the best use out of it.

Both are Great for House Signs

Slate and Sandstone make a great stone for making a high-quality house sign and many other products, choosing between the two can be hard, but hopefully with this article we make the choice easier for you.

Benefits of Sandstone and Slate Stone

Below we have listed all the benefits for slate and sandstone whilst looking at the cons of each of them too.

About Slate Stone

sandstone texture

Slate is a metamorphic rock which means it has been transformed from a pre existing rock originally from volcanic ash by subjecting it to high pressure and extremely high temperatures. The results of this extreme transformation causes chemical changes and significant physical changes which gives slate its unique texture.

Slate comes from all over the world and in the UK, our finest slate is mined from Welsh and Cornish mines. Depending on how much heat the rock has been subjected to will depend on what the slate is composed of. Most slate is composed of clay minerals. Slate is commonly known to be grey in colour and can range from dark to light grey. However slate can be found in other colours such as purple, black, green, red and brown. The colour and shades of slade is determined by the type of organic material within the rock as well as the amount of iron present.

Slate has been a popular choice of material to use for thousands of years. Slate is useds as chalkboards, billboard advertisement,memo boards, writing slates, table tops, memorial headstones and much more. Slate is very versatile and durable and can last for many years to come. Slate requires less maintenance than many other materials leaving it wipe clean to almost any liquids and will never stain. Slate is known for its luxurious feel and its elegant look.

The one disadvantage of using slate is that it can be an expensive material. However slate performs great and will last for years. Once the slate product is removed from its location, it may be re used in a different form.

About Sandstone

slate stone texture

Sandstone is a Sedimentary rock which means pieces of sediments lying at the bottom of the ocean, lake or rivers are being compressed over thousands of years and formed into the sedimentary rock. Sandstone has been used for hundreds of years as builders love the durability of the stone. Sandstone is weather resistant, coping with heat and extreme coldness. Within the Winter months, using a de-icing material such as a spray or salt will not damage the stone. Sandstone is also not slippery when it becomes wet.

Sandstone is popular in home improvements as it is affordable and cheaper than other materials such as granite. It is one of the easiest stones to cut down to measurement ensuring that the home improvement job is quick and easy. As the years pass, Sandstone darkens in colour due to imbedded dirt and dust but it has been proven that power washing the stone, can brighten the colour and bring it back to life again.

Sandstone is not absorbent so is not used in bathrooms, kitchens or exterior areas. Sandstones texture can be soft compared to other types of stone which can lead to marks and scratches over time by shoe heels, claws,dropping items onto the stone etc.

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