Our Favourite Quirky & Contemporary Stone House Signs

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We are extremely proud of every modern house sign we produce, should it be a contemporary or quirky, our plaques stand out, in all the right ways! We have been doing so for over a decade and have seen many competing companies fall while we go from strength to strength.

Below you can find many examples of our work that we have sold, delivered and had customer feedback from. If you like any of the designs and items shown on this page and would like something similar then please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call, we look forward from hearing from you.

Barracks Cottage

We received an order for a But n Ben cottage, the order came from a customer located in Perthshire for a slate house sign for his But n Ben Cottage in the Highlands. we never heard of this phrase before now and therefore we had to this it up.

If your also wondering what is a But n Ben, it means a two room house, But is the living room and Ben is the bedroom, Now supposedly more common as a holiday home, the phrase is in decline, unfortunately… but none the less its an interesting fact.. Houses used to be much small than they are made today.

Below you can view the lovely images of our product and the customer’s lovely home.

But n Ben Cottage



This contemporary plaque is absolutely fantastic, and the customer loved it too. Our contemporary designs work great with high contrast on rough and straight edge stones. This contemporary product was created entirely by the customer, she emailed rough sketches and we searched for a font to match.

contemporary house sign

What can you design?

Zachary’s Garden

A quirky house name sign with white engraved text in an unusual font, creating an eye catching house name sign. With a flat base this signage is stable enough to withstand strong winds. If you are worried it might get removed, then a chemical anchor onto the base may be the answer.

White is the most popular and likely the most practical lettering colour for labeling your house name, however, we also offer several other colours including a selection of off whites should you wish to tone down the starkness a shade or two.

garden sign

Feel free to mention any of our seen products for us to try and match, though please note that they are all individual and sometimes it isn’t possible to find even a similar one.


This nameplate is engraved with the name Riverside and painted white after engraving. Pre-drilled and countersunk as requested by the customer and screws supplied for ease of installation. If invisible fixings are preferred we recommend a reputable external chemical anchor.

White is the most popular colour for house nameplates as this affords the best clarity of vision over a distance or if viewed at speed from a car. White is by no means the only choice of text colour though. We offer grey, black, silver, gold and several off whites also.

stone house name plate

Don’t be shy to ask us to use a font that you do not see on any of our work. We are very versatile and like to produce items that no one else does.


This address plaque is engraved with the customers’ choice of font and images, this customer wanted something to reflect the freedom that their new house afforded them with the symbols of what they love to do and see close by. The images were sourced by us and modified for our needs by our computer technician.

address plaques

This item was supplied drilled and countersunk with screws that match the slate colour as closely as possible.

Note: As well as screw fixing our signs, it’s also possible to use a chemical anchor if you prefer an invisible fixing.

How to buy one of our Signs

Buying House Signs from Rustic Stone is incredibly easy thanks to our online design tool. Our design tool is now pretty much fully functioning and relatively bug free. There are some issues with touch screen devices that I am hoping the developer can fix. We have high hopes that it will streamline the business and create extra revenue.

The tool now has a short instructional video in case anyone experiences difficulties using it, the interface is fairly natural and certainly easy as it can be made, yet provide all the features that we wanted it to have.

We have some great ideas on additional features for the tool and will update progress as it happens, if you would like to see a feature or two then please let us know and we will try our best to add this function to our online tool.

Designing yourself is not for everyone, obviously. We still offer our old tried and tested manual mock up service if you would prefer to use that. We fully realize that a person may not feel emotionally strong enough to create a memorial for their loved one or pet themselves. Please simply contact us if you would like us to fully design for you.

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