Pet Memorials for Small Animals

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dolly the hamster

Losing a pet can be one of life’s hardest challenges whether it’s a horse or a mouse. The moment we are in the pet store adopting our small fur friends, is the moment we decide to give them the best life possible which also includes a fantastic send off.

You have every right to grieve the same as you would a bigger pet that has passed. Our small furry friends can bring so much joy and happiness to our lives. We all grieve in our own unique ways and giving our beloved pets a special memorial will give us a calm and peaceful outlook on their passing.

Did you know that exotic and small pets make up the majority of pets in the UK?

More people own small and exotic pets than dogs and cats combined!, see for yourselves!

Small Animal Memorial Ideas

Take a look below at some of the special ways that you can create a beautiful memorial for your pet:


pet ashes in urn

An Urn is a popular place to keep your pet’s ashes. You can shop around online and find some beautiful and unique shapes and sizes that suits you. Most places will allow you to customize you own design too.


pet memorial stones

Placing a headstone or a plaque where you have buried your pet or even its favourite spot in the garden will give you a special place to go to and grieve. The best thing about a headstone is that you can customize your small animal memorial with images and words that best suits your pet.

Plants & Trees


You could plant a new tree or flowers where you have buried your beloved pet which will last a lifetime. Your new tree or plant will always symbolize your connection with your pet.

Photographs, Art and Objects

pet artwork made with ashes

Create a shelf or a special place in your home where you can line it with photographs, art and other objects that remind you of your pet. There are some beautiful poems out there too about pet losses, you could add a framed poem to the shelf.


rabbit tattoo

If you are into adding art to your body then this is a great way to remember your pet as you will be able to see it every day. Find a tattoo artist that has a great reputation and work closely with them to achieve the perfect design. Just remember that this is a big decision so don’t rush into it.


ashes in a pendant

Certain shops will now transform your pets ashes into pieces of jewelry for you to treasure forever. You can wear the pieces every day or store them somewhere precious.

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