Pet Memorials

Our pet memorials are absolutely perfect as plaques for mounting onto walls or by simply placing them onto the ground on a flowerbed, grass or even some stone gravel within your garden or remembrance area.

From Small to Large
From Small to Large
Product Quality:
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Stone Type:
Marble, Sandstone, Slate, Welsh Slate, York Stone (Yorkshire)
Pet Memorial Types:
Plaques, Headstones, Gravestones, Wall Memorials, Pet Markers

You can find out more about our Pet Memorials and advice on purchasing a stone for your pet by clicking the links below.

Rated 5/5 based on 6 customer reviews

Perfect pet memorial and excellent service!

5/5 Stars

I’ve bought three pet memorials from Rustic Stone over the past few years, and have been very happy each time. The stones have always been exactly what I’ve asked for and been delivered well within the time frame given by the company. The stones have weathered well in the garden and look lovely surrounded by flowers in the spring and summer. I thoroughly recommend this company!

professional, helpful and overall great personal service

5/5 Stars

Really helpful and so pleased with the final result -everything I wanted and more so much so I’ve had two pet memorial plaques off them and would recommend them to everyone!

Awesome Customer Service at Rustic Stone

5/5 Stars

Recently had my 18 year old pet cat die and times were really bad for me and my family as you can imagine as our pet cat had been a part of the family for so long. Well anyway after being told by a close friend about considering a garden memorial for my pet. I decided to look for one, after searching Google I quickly found many companies offering pet memorial plaques in various types of stone for all types of animals, I decided to ring a few and narrow it down based on what they offered, the price they were asking and how their phone manner was.From the get go Rustic Stone stood out, not only was their price superb but after ringing them they were really helpful and told me exactly how long it would take and asked me what kind of design I was looking forward.I decided to make an order for a cat memorial for my garden; just days 10 days after they had received my design and order my memorial arrived. The packaging for the weight of this item was outstanding, and the design was everything I expected and more!

Rustic Stone really have the customer service and compassion to deliver while others I talked to on the phone were not very compassionate at all and were made to feel just like another customer, another sale. I’m so happy I decided to go with Rustic Stone and recommend them for anyone interested in purchasing a memorial for their animals.

Perfect memorial stone -very pleased

5/5 Stars

First class service and delivery, better than I imagined, perfect memorial stone to remember a beloved pet by.
Would highly recommend Rustic Stone to anyone.


5/5 Stars

We have received our pet’s memorial plaque from Rustic Stone and are over the moon with it.The slate we selected is of a really high quality and the printing and layout fantastic.The service was great,when i called to say we might be away when it was supposed to be delivered they offered to recall the courier and wait until our return.It is hard enough when you lose your Pet so to get friendly helpful service is so much appreciated.Thankyou

Benji stone

5/5 Stars

Stone arrived today, thank you so much ,its brilliant. More than we could of hoped for. It was very distressing and upsetting when we lost our little dog benji. But this stone will go along way for us to come to terms with his death. And make his grave aloving and fitting memorial for him. I will recommend you too everyone i know who loses a pet , thank you .i have also put your company name on my facebook page

Quality of our Stone Products


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Pet Memorial Plaques and Free Standing Pet Memorials

The freestanding stones we sell are also often referred to as pet headstones; these are great for all garden types and pet cemeteries. Make your pets grave in style with our solid slate rocks and customizing the headstone with your personal message to your beloved animal.

These stones do vary in thickness but the minimal you will receive on your online order is 50mm, and up to 80mm that is almost 30mm more than the average compared to our online competitors. We know from experience that headstones for pets really need to be a decent thickness otherwise they will fall over from the UK windy weather, a toppling stone can often leave damaged flowers or grass in your garden due to the pressure of the stone if it is not found quickly, but rest assured our stones are extremely heavy and will stand up straight against some of the worst weather the UK has seen.


Remembrances and the Materials we use

Our remembrance stones for pets are available in various materials such as slate, marble and sandstone. We have provided memorials for pets in many different types of stones over the years but Rustic Stone has found that marble, slate and sandstone are the best for all memorials. The stones we sell are all handpicked from local quarries here in the UK, we always check for decent thickness and free from undesirables such as deep cracks and chips.

Slate and Welsh Slate

We use several types of slate sourced from all over the UK, slate is an extremely tough stone and requires little maintenance. Because the stone generally a darker stone compared to sandstone and marble white engraved text or a lighter color works best.


We offer sandstone plaques that are great for high and low contrast gardens, it works extremely well with darker flowery flowerbeds, gravel beds, grass or even leading it up on a tree. Because this is a lighter stone dark text works really well and makes it incredible easy to read no matter how sunny the day may be.


Our marble plaques are great and generally better if you want a smooth and reflect-able stone, we offer this type of material in various sizes but please note we do not always have it in stock so please check with us before placing an order if you are in urgent need of this remembrance.

York Stone

We are now pleased to be offering our customers Yorkshire or generally known as York Stone on our large Pet Memorial range. Simply choose York when going through the steps of our Design tool.


Maintaining your Rustic Stone

Our garden remembrances do not rot, fade or tarnish compared to that of wood, metal or plastic pet memorials. One of the major factors that other manufacturers of funerals for animals fail to mention is that in the UK we have very frosty mornings and these can damage plastics, wood and make metals flake or rust. All our products require as little maintenance as possible so you are able to remember your pet without having the worry of repairing, maintaining or even worse having to replace the item.

The maintenance our products require is the occasional brushing off dust and leafs from trees or even a touch-up of paint on the engraved text depending if you used a color your purchase, with this said we use high quality paint that is water proof and has high protection from the sun, even though in the UK we don’t get many shinny days over the years they do add up and this should make your paint job last longer. We use high street paint for the engraving so should you need to touch the stone up occasional you will be able to do so without having to order specialised paint.


In Memory of Pets

All our pet and animal markers are fully customizable, should you want a unique engraving style using many of our preloaded stylish fonts, or maybe you want to use an image on your pet memorial, our online tool will allow you to put your ideas into a working product.

It’s worth mentioning that a lot of providers online for this type of product will charge per the character engraved onto the stone, we do not charge any more than the standard price and you are welcome to fit as many words as we can possibly fit, should you want to write a lovely pet poem for your animal then it’s absolutely no problem.


Death of your Beloved Pet

The death of an animal or pet such as a horse, cat or dog or maybe even something more exotic can be extremely hard for the whole family when you become emotionally bonded, with most this can be as devastating and comparable to a death of a human loved one.

The experience can be even worse if you the owner has had to make a tough decision to end the pet’s life through euthanasia means, whatever reason for the passing of your animal it’s never easy and we at Rustic Stone know from firsthand experience exactly how tough it can be for you and your family.

We strongly believe that any pet or animal that touches your heart should have some kind of burial, should you decide on a straight forward garden burial, pet cemetery or even the scattering of your pet’s ashes in a remembrance area our pet memorials are perfect for the job. We make beautiful pet memorials made using real solid stone and rock, perfect for all pets and animals. We have been in the pet grave markers business for over 10 years and have the experience, knowledge and competitive pricing to make purchasing a garden pet grave marker, or ashes marker as simple and as much hassle free as possible.


Our Stone Memorials are great for all Horses, Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Small Animals and Exotic Pets.