Memorials for Pet Ashes

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memorials for pet ashes

Our pets provide us with unconditional love & companionship and quickly become part of the family. The bond that we share with our pets is so strong that when they pass it can leave us heartbroken and the house feeling empty. Mourning for your pet can be extremely painful but by creating a special gathering or a memorial, can help the grieving process by giving you and family members a space to be near your beloved pet again.

Many pet owners agree to have their pet cremated and have the ashes back. There are so many different and beautiful memorials that owners can do to remember their cherished pet for the rest of time. Below we have listed special memorials that you can create with or without your pet’s ashes.

Scattering Ashes

scattering ashes

Scattering pets ashes is seen to be one of the most popular choices with ashes. You can choose a special place to finally lay the ashes to rest whilst giving you a place to visit and feel close to your pet.

Ashes Burial

pet memorial stones

You can chose an area in your garden or a place where you have a connection and bury the ashes. You can also add a pet memorial stone or small memorial garden if you wish. In some parts of the country, you can bury your pet’s ashes at a pet semetary.


pet ashes in urn

You can chose to keep the ashes in the urn. You could place the urn where you will always see it or even in your pet’s favorite spot. There are many online shops that will design and customize your own urn to keep your pets ashes in. They can paint a picture of your pet or inprint a beautiful poem onto it. Also just recently Picture urns have come to the online market and we think it is a beautiful way to remember your pet. Picture Urn’s are a picture frame that holds one or multiple pictures of your pet and is easily hung onto any wall in your home if you wish. At the back of the frame there is a insert where you can hold your pet’s ashes. You can also have this type of urn in a box shape, where you can keep your pet’s collar and favorite toy too.


ashes in a pendant

This might seem strange to some but this is becoming increasingly popular as you can design and get your pet’s ashes put into a piece of beautiful jewelry that you can wear forever.

Tree of Life


Another beautiful memorial is burying your pet’s ashes under a new tree or plant. As the tree grows in time, you will always have a lasting tribute. It also gives you a space in the garden for you to sit and talk to your pet.

Art Work

pet artwork made with ashes

If you are crafty and arty, you could create an inspiring tribute to your pet by painting a canvas or even some polished pebbles to place in the garden. If you are not so great with a paintbrush, there are lots of artists out there that would turn your pictures into beautiful tributes. You can sprinkle your pets ashes into the paint to allow them to really be apart of your new painting.

Candle Holders


These beautiful vases will hold your pet’s ashes as well as a small candle. Perfect for lighting at night and treasuring the times you shared.


sculpture for the ashes of pet animals

You can purchase a sculpture of your particular pet whether it is a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig and more. It will hold the ashes in a compartment at the bottom.

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