Marble Stone Vs Slate Stone

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marble vs slate stone

With every new year comes new changes especially with home renovations. Before we get on with home improvements, it’s a good idea to research the materials that we are going to use. We are going to be taking a look at Slate and Marble in this post and the benefits of using both.

About Marble Stone

marble texture

Marble is a metamorphic rock which means the rock which it comes from has been transformed by a high amount of heat and pressure which gives it physical and chemical changes.

Marble comes in many different varieties of marble and is found in different colours too. Marble is a beautiful material to use with home improvements and elsewhere. It looks elegant, clean, bright and expensive. Although it looks expensive, Marble is one of the most affordable materials on the market and is widely available from stores, fabricators and stone yards.

One of the greatest pros with mable in the kitchen is that it stays at a cool temperature making it fantastic when working with pastry. However with all great things, we have to balance the scales with looking at the cons and basing our decision on that. Marble will scratch easily which can be an issue in the kitchen as it will be used every day, leading it to wear easily and quickly.

Marble also stains easily with spills such as tomato sauces, red wine and acidic foods leaving it looking worn down quickly. Marble makes a great stone house sign and copes very well against effects of persistent weathering.

About Slate Stone

slate texture

Slate is a metamorphic rock and gets mined straight out of quarries. It then gets passed onto slate companies that will treat it and cut it down to size. Slate is an unique material to use as every piece has its own beauty coming straight from the quarries and not produced in a factory of some kind.

Slate comes in different shades and colours which are widely available to purchase, leaving your project completely different and beautiful. Slate is completely waterproof and slip resistant leaving it a perfect material for bathrooms. The water on this particular stone will not wear the slate down whilst you won’t have to worry of slipping out of the shower.

Slate is extremely durable and will last a long time. Slate flooring will stand the test of time compared to other flooring materials. However we must take the cons into consideration. Slate can be pricey but many people agree with the investment they make with slate. Although slate transmits heat well, it doesn’t hold the heat for too long, leaving it cold.

Slate does require some maintenance especially if you use it as tiles in the bathroom and kitchen. It will need to be re-sealed at least once a year. Slate can be hard to replace as it is completely unique so you may end up finding a colour similar but not matching. There are dozens of different type of house signs available on the market but slate stone happens to be one of the most proper choices because of its texture, quality and its affordability.

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