York Stone Now Available For Signs & Memorials

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Engraved York Stone House Sign

York Stone House Signs

We are pleased to launch and offer for sale our new range of freestanding York stone house signs, pet memorials and memorials for people.

The format is the same as our freestanding slate house signs in as much as it’s a thick piece of stone that will stand up on its own or can be secured into the ground using stainless steel rods inserted into the flat base (so they are not visible above ground).

Beautiful, Durable and Long-lasting Sandstone

York stone is a durable sandstone ideal for house signs and memorials. Quarried in the heart of Yorkshire, York stone is a traditional stone used for memorials and signs and will last for many years.

Mainly we are offering the stone as irregular, random shaped similar to the images below, however, we can also offer it as square and rectangular shaped, although the thickness (65mm to 70mm) will remain the same, making ideal thick plaques for graves and possibly building date plaques and recessed signs.

As well as this, we can also be contacted to commission garden features, engraved monoliths and specialist gifts such as poem stones etc.

Examples of Honed York Stone

The stone itself will have a honed (lightly polished) face(s). Text is always deeply engraved (not laser etched) and then hand painted – not just painted as some cheap options I have seen on other sites!

York Stone Pet Memorials

Try our secure design tool and have a go at designing your own. Simply choose if you want a house sign, memorial for a person or a pet memorial and then choose the York stone option as start designing. A short but simple tutorial video is available on the design page. Or if that’s not for you, contact us with the text and any design ideas that you have and we will design it for you.

York Stone Pet Memorial Closeup

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