How to Choose a House Sign

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how to choose a house sign

Many years ago people started the tradition of naming their Manor houses, castles and their Halls. As the years have passed, this very British tradition has continued and has led to the rise of naming houses and business buildings.

Many people who have moved into old properties that have already been named years ago tend to keep these names such as ‘The old Schoolyard’ or ‘The Mill House’. British people decided that it would be a great honour to keep the name of these types of properties and that is why we still see them today.

Other home owners who decide to name their homes often are inspired by the scenery around them or places where they have enjoyed a holiday. Whatever the case, your house sign is the first image that people see when visiting your home or walking past. As this is the case people like to invest in a beautiful, handcrafted, unique sign made from us.

When it comes to choosing the stone for your sign, many people have a preference to which stones they prefer but usually the design you choose will simply stand out on the desired stone, almost as if the stone has chosen you.

House Signs can be made with most types of stones but before purchasing, research should be done due to the stone’s durability when displayed outside. Rustic Stone create stunning house signs out of Welsh slate, Yorkshire stone, Marble and Sandstone.

Durability for a standard sign outside of the house:

  • Welsh Slate – Welsh slate is a fantastic material to work with. Not only will it give your sign a smooth and professional finish but it will stand the test of time throughout the different weather seasons.
  • Yorkshire Stone – Yorkshire Stone has a great reputation when it comes to signs due to its long lasting nature through all types of weather conditions.
  • Marble – Marble is becoming more and more popular with House signs due to its polished and smart finish. You should be aware that Marble can fade over time through weather conditions and can also be a expensive material to work with.
  • Sandstone – Sandstone will stand the test of time due to its tough durability. Sandstone is a great stone to use if you are wanting specific detail as it is easy to engrave.

Did you know?

  • Houses were not given their own number and street names until 1765.
  • When displaying the house name, you must display the number also.
  • Most popular house names include – ‘Rose Cottage’ & ‘The Orchard’.

New How to Choose a House Sign Guide

Please note that this page has been superseded with a newer guide on help choosing a house sign. If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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