Engraving House Signs with Text using Laser Technology

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A laser engraved house sign is a modern way to display your house name or number with style. Unlike older methods of production, engraving a house sign made from stone, wood, metal, glass or acrylic with laser marking gives a finer accuracy and provides a level of detail that cannot be achieved without laser marling or laser-based cutting machinery.

Typically this system will utilise a Co2 laser, which uses the gas to provide a wide range of laser cut possibilities, this can range from crystal engraving to precision etching onto acrylic, stone, glass or similar hard surface. The versatility and reliability of the laser machines is unrivalled and can be easily accessed due to the availability of cutting machinery such as co2 and fibre lasers made by companies such as epilogue laser.

CO2 Laser Beam Etched Text

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A laser cutter will etch images or words including bar codes or a custom engraving much like an inkjet printer does. Using similar technology, it fires a CO2 laser beam that laser engraves, cuts, and etches your design into a wide variety of materials. A fibre laser will produce a similar precise image but can be used on a wider variety of materials such as black granite and ceramic surfaces. A more powerful light beam such as a CNC laser has the power to melt through metal using high-pressure nitrogen where the laser head is moved over the metal plate in the shape of the design.

Pulse of the Light Beam, Cutting

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All laser engraving technologies will use a pulsed laser beam of light to control the laser cutting system which produces the image or name on the house sign that you choose. The durability of this type of sign is much longer than a typical hand carved wooden or metal engraving as it will not weather over time, ensuring it looks as good as the day it was engraved over the years it displays your house name or number. However, unlike a wooden sign, laser marking systems use a high amount of power to create the pulse of the light beam in the laser engraving machine.

Laser Engraving Images Onto your House Sign

Many people like an image on their sign these days which is where the laser based engraving equipment are a necessary method of production. A custom designed image can be added to the name using design software, a photo or a stencil. This makes it is possible to create 2D or 3D laser cutting, which would give a very modern feel to your house sign.

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