Engraving House Signs with Text using your Hands and Manual Tools

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A hand carved or engraved sign is a beautiful and traditional way to display your house name or number. Typically, a stone house sign that is hand carved will be etched or carved using tools such as rotary cutters or laser engraving, or more traditional methods such as knives or drill bits to mark the shapes into the stone.

Hand Engraved Text

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Power tools can create a great looking finish by etching or engraving the name or number into the surface of the stone or wood, and also highly polishing the finished product. Less manual processes of production have increased in modern times, meaning that processes using electric engravers to cut and carve into the sign save time and money.

Modern House Signs

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Modern House signs will often use materials would need to be cut using tungsten carbide and diamond tips, and etching tool to create the lettering into the carved sign. Wooden carving signs are very common, and usually created by a woodcarver using a stencil or a woodcarving knife. It is also possible to create these on a traditional lathe and engrave the sign detail with a sharpened tool.

Which method of carving that your house sign will have will be determined by factors such as look, durability and cost. Machine carving or laser engraved signs will have a precise and usually polished finish which can be completed quickly but will use sophisticated engraving and pneumatic equipment. A stone sign produced in this way will be very durable against weathering weathering and last for many years.

Woodcarving Tools

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A traditional hand carved sign will need an expert who is trained in the use of woodcarving tools and knives and equipment such as woodturning machinery. It is usual that such a craftsman will also be able to add detail that can only be achieved with a hand tool, creating details usually done by a jeweller using equipment such as a grobert or mandrel to provide a feature. It takes many years to learn the skills of making a carved sign by hand as apparatus like lettering engravers and hand chisels take a long time to master.

Hand-Finished Engraved

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Of the many types of house sign finish, a hand carved one is probably the most frequent, with wood engravings or stone etchings being chosen by millions of people across the world. These are displayed in a variety of places at the front of the property, near the door, or front gate so that people can clearly see the carved sign. When choosing your house sign, it is worth considering a hand carved one, taking into account the areas covered.

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