Engraving House Signs with Text using CNC Milling Technology

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High precision engraved house signs can be made using a CNC milling machine. This process like others (laser cutters and other types of engraving machinery), uses a specific type of engraving machine to produce a precision image on to the sign. A CNC mill is a vertical machining centre which is held stationary on a machine bed or in a vice. Material is removed from the house sign or any other product using cutting tools and drills that rotate at a very high speed. This rotary system then carves out the design of the house name or number onto the stone or slate to produce a highly professional finish to the sign. Cutting tools are attached to the mill drilling spindle, which can move along a number of separate axis.

House Signs come in a large range of different type of materials and have many ways the sign can be displayed, CNC machines support all woods and most metals, making it a very useful for making all types of signs.

Three Axis Mill


For a 3 axis mill, tool access can be a restriction in the CNC milling process as there are limited axes to work with meaning that certain areas may be impossible to reach, however, there are also 4 axis and 5 axis cnc milling machines in existence as well. Axis are usually labelled as x and y for horizontal movement, and z for vertical movement, for example a 4 axis mill will have X, Y, and Z axis and also a milling head which will then cut or etch the house sign design using the alphanumeric G-code.



Typically CNC Milling uses a control system called G-codes that are entered into the CNC machine. Each numerical control has an assigned task to be performed by the machine. This level or programming and automation make an industrialised process which keeps down the cost of production. Once the G-codes are programmed into the mill machine, the carbide cutter can then drill out the chosen engraved design.

CNC Milling is Good Small and Large House Sign Materials

A large worktop on a CNC mill will allow for a well-sized house sign material to be used, which can have a custom designed 2d or 3d image milled onto it. The CNC mill is not a hugely expensive piece of equipment, and could easily be used by a hobbyist engraver to produce products such as house signs. A basic mill can be picked up for a few hundred pounds although these won’t have the versatility of multi-axis CNC mill. For the best quality precision sign, if you want stone or slate as a material, it would be best to use a professional milling company that has the high-speed machining capability to produce a perfect precision finish to the house sign that will last for many years.

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