House Signs made using Opepe Wood

opepe tree

Opepe house signs have grown in popularity over the past few years, and many customers say because of its beautiful copper tones within its colouring.

Opepe tends to be orange to brown with added tones of a copper-coloured lustre.

This type of wood is full of natural oil with large pores leaving it having a coarse texture and irregular grain.

One disadvantage of using Opepe is that it needs to be dried exceptionally carefully when it gets wet.

Depending on the size of the sign depends on the time it dries out. More significant signs will dry very slowly and commonly develops cracks and splits during the drying process.

Opepe wood is substantial and relates to the English Oak within its strength but is more vulnerable to shocks and splitting.


  • Generally Strong
  • Durable
  • Hard-wearing
  • Great polished look
  • Professional look


  • Can split due cold to hot weather
  • Struggles to dry

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