House Signs made using English Cherry Wood

Cherry tree-blossom

English Cherry wood is an excellent choice of wood for a house sign as it has a moderate property and is resistant to rot and decay, allowing it to be a sign that will last for its customers.

Engraving companies recommend English Cherry wood as a material for signs as it is effortless to work with so enables customers to have various shapes due to its flexibility while also having elaborate designs carved into the sign, making it a bespoke sign.

English Cherry wood ages beautifully with time and experiences many different colour shades from light pink when the wood is young then will develop into darker tones of reddish – brown as it grows old.

English Cherry House Signs Weather Easier than Stone

If you’re looking for a house sign that is immune or less likely to be damaged by weathering, then we recommend you take a look at other materials because house signs made from stone are going need to a lot less maintenance than wood and will last much longer. If you are currently in the process of attempting to find a good house sign company then we recommend you check out our guide on how to find a reputable house sign company?.

Pros & Cons of Signs made from English Cherry wood

The Pros
  • Flexible
  • Develops shades of colour
  • Easy to work with
  • Timeless
  • High-quality hardwood
The Cons
  • Moderately durable
  • Often difficult to obtain
  • Cutting trees down unnecessarily results in loss of habitat for animal species and may increase the likelihood of flooding in local areas.

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