House Signs made using Douglas Fir Wood

douglas fir tree

Douglas Fir wood aka British Columbian Pine in the UK has always been hugely popular with construction workers as it is a high-quality softwood which has exceptional strength and hardness.

This type of wood makes it an excellent choice for a house sign as it has moderate durability; it is sturdy and also water resistant, allowing customers to place their sign outdoors without the fear of weathering.

The grain of douglas fir is usually straight and has a colour of light brown with hints of yellow and red alongside dark growth rings.

Douglas Fir wood is natural to carve into with power tools due to its grains that grip nails and screws instead of splitting with also accepting adhesives. This type of timber has reduced resins compared to other wood types, which enables it to take on varnish or painted easily.


If you’re looking for a house sign that is immune or less likely to be damaged by weathering, then we recommend you take a look at other materials because house signs made from stone are going need to a lot less maintenance than wood and will last much longer.

Reputable House Sign Companies

If you are currently in the process of attempting to find a good house sign company then we recommend you check out our guide on how to find a reputable house sign company?.

The Pros & Cons of Signs made from Douglas Fir Wood

The Pros

  • Water resistant
  • Strong
  • Hard
  • Resistant to decay

The Cons

  • Dents and scratches easily
  • Cutting trees down unnecessarily results in loss of habitat for animal species and may increase the likelihood of flooding in local areas.

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