House Signs made using Balau Wood

balau tree

Balau wood is strong, hard-wearing, affordable and this timber makes a great choice of material for your house sign. Balau wood is a durable and robust timber originating from South East Asia which is famous all across the world. Balau meaning dense, hardwood from Malaysia. Balau wood is commonly known to be used heavily in construction as it is an excellent material with bridge and wharf builds or repairs.

When applying a reliable water-resistant seal, the wood will stand tough but not extreme weathering. One disadvantage of using this wood would be that over time, it naturally creates small black holes and cracks over its surface.

If you’re looking for a house sign that is immune or less likely to be damaged by weathering, then we recommend you take a look at other materials because house signs made from stone are going need to a lot less maintenance than wood and will last much longer.

If you are currently in the process of attempting to find a good house sign company then we recommend you check out our guide on how to find a reputable house sign company?.

The Pros & Cons of a House Sign made from Balau

The Pros
  • Affordable
  • Hard-wearing
  • Water-resistant with a seal
  • Strong
The Cons
  • Naturally, develop pinholes and small cracks
  • Very difficult and slow to completely dry out

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