House Signs made from Yorkshire Stone

yorkshire house with engraved house name cranmere

Yorkshire Stone makes an excellent choice for a house sign. Yorkstone or Yorkshire stone as it is also known as a natural sandstone and has been quarried in Yorkshire since the medieval times. It has been used for centuries in construction and plaques due to its durability and strength.

Yorkshire stone is best known for old fashioned cobbled streets across the United Kingdom, London is one place in the UK still enjoying their beautiful paving stones on their high streets still. It was a hugely popular material for paving stones as it created a smooth surface for the horses to walk on, reducing the number of accidents.

There is a variety of colours available with Yorkshire stone depending on where it is quarried, and its mineral make up. House signs made from Yorkstone are built to last for hunderds of years.


  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Weather resistant


  • Expensive
  • Hard to source
  • Heavy

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