House Signs made from Stone

slate quarry

Stone is one of the best materials that can be used to make a stylish and unique house sign. At Rustic Stone we only make house signs using the finest stone that we can source here in the UK. Stone made signs remain one of the best materials because they are for the most part, hardy, and weathering takes a very long time on stones and rocks.


House signs made from stones are widely available online in the UK, including Rustic Stone. There are many different ways of displaying a house sign and many different materials. The stones we currently use for our house sign products are Slate, Welsh Slate, Marble, Sandstone and Yorkshire Stone in a variety of formats, from natural curves to modern cut shapes, such as oval, square and rectangles. You can find out the pro’s and con’s of each of those stones by clicking the links provided.

At this present time, Rustic Stone does not make house signs using Marble, Limestone, Quartzite, Granite and general Rocks. However we do offer Marble Memorials and may decide to use other stones at a later date should we see a demand for them, if you want a house sign made using these materials then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.