House Signs made from Plastic

plastic sheet being made

house signs crafted from plastic materials are growing increasingly popular throughout the UK due to the material being affordable but also leaving the sign looking clean and modern.

There are many different types of plastic material to chose from, including Corrugated plastic, clear and coloured acrylic and PVC.

Corrugated plastic is usually used for a short time use as it wears a lot faster while PVC and acrylic are used for long term signage that will last, but it costs more than corrugated plastic but more affordable than glass.

House Signs made using Acrylic

rgb acrylic sheets

Acrylic is the most common type of plastic to use as it has a high gloss surface which in turn protects it from weathering which lessens the risk of sun damage, rain damage, splitting and other corrosion. When sending the chosen piece of plastic to a specialist sign company like Rustic Stone, it can be carefully engraved with the chosen lettering or images to make the perfect sign.

Generally, acrylic house signs are made using two methods, either:

Businesses love Acrylic Signs

acrylic printed sign

As well as house signs, more and more businesses are reaching forward towards business signs made out of plastic. Plastic signs are great for pubs, shops, office blocks and many more due to them looking professional and easy to maintain. These signs look utterly unique when applying a coloured background such as a black background and a bright piece of acrylic with the details on it.

House or business signs created from plastic are lightweight, which makes the sign easy to assemble if needs be and makes the sign easy to transport, easy to shape and easy to install. Plastic signs are more versatile nowadays due to cutting and crafting machines being able to shape it into any shape and cut it into any size. The signs can be crafted into a unique sign which allows customers to have a sign that is genuinely their own.

These types of signs are extremely durable due to the nature of the plastic. However, some subtypes are too sensitive and fragile, which leads them to scratch and shatter more quickly than others.

Faded Plastics fade from time and UV (Sunshine)

faded super nintendo from being exposed to uv

Goods made from plastic will start to fade in the sunlight over time due to the exposure of UV light, this is why plastic signs suit well for indoor use much more than being used on the outside however if you are prepared to replace the sign after a few years then the signs look great outside. Colours can also fade with time, for example whites, often go yellow, as shown in the above picture.


  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Flexible
  • Easy to work with
  • Variety of colours available
  • Little maintenance needed


  • Not environmentally friendly
  • Will fade over time
  • Will fade in the Sunshine