House Signs made from Cast Iron Metal

cast iron house sign with number 56

Cast Iron signs and plaques have been used for house signs for thousands of years and are still popular today, giving the signs a timeless and traditional look.

Online companies that make your design can stay along the side of being traditional, along with using the latest technology to add intricate pattern designs to create the sign that you have designed.

Compared to other materials such as wood and plastic, cast iron is strong and durable throughout most weather conditions; however, like most metals cast iron will corrode over time.

Cast Iron is different from natural iron material as it is subjected to an extremely high temperature to melt the iron and then poured into moulds, cooled and set. Cast iron has been created the traditional way for centuries and is still seen above pub doors, benches, old signs nowadays.


  • Traditional and timeless
  • Durable
  • Strong


  • Heavy
  • Corrodes over time
  • Time limited weather resistant as itrequires regular maintenance

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