House Signs made using Multiple Materials

multiple stone plaques

House signs are predominantly the first impression to your guests or visitors as they approach your building, the signs are relied on when looking for the correct information that visitors need.

There are a vast range of materials on the market that is unique to the place that you will use it for whether it is placed upon or near your home, business, barn, gate or upon posts for directions.

House Signs made to fit

bespoke fitting

House signs can be made to fit each customer desired look and taste such as a sign made from wood to be placed onto a cottage or an acrylic sign with led lighting to positioned near a modern business block, these options push customers to choose custom house signs nowadays.

Advancements in sign technology

Especially as technology has advanced enormously within the last decade, various fonts, images, lettering and the shape of the house sign can be adapted to each customer.

Materials and fixtures

bolts screws washers and nuts

Once the desired sign has been chosen, it will be time to think about the fixtures and how you would want to display your new sign. Most generic signs will come with its fixtures such as a few screws, or you may have opted for a freestanding sign that will be placed at the end of a driveway or in the garden next to a flower bed.

There are many other ways to fix a sign upon your desired place that enhances its natural beauty by using another material and creating a hybrid house sign.

Fixtures can come in different materials, and you would have seen many of them around towns or country lanes displaying local information, most display signs are attached to a wooden post or have a sign that is attached to a metal hanging bracket.

Below is a list of material we use at Rustic Stone, often these signs will come with metal fixtures:

Glass signs

dolby digital glass sign

Glass signs look professional and elegant against an acrylic frame fixture with LED lighting behind the front frame; businesses or modern-looking homes are suited to this look.

Brick Walls or Chalkboards

message written on wall

An affordable sign option would be to paint a brick wall with chalkboard paint creating your design and lettering by using chalk; this can even be customised for events, messages for delivery drivers or even asking the kids to create a unique sign for your family.

Alongside the chalkboard sign is another option where you can get as crafty as you like with affordable brick paint and then with using stencils and spray paint, you can create a custom sign that is applied straight onto the wall.