House Signs made from Glass

glass sheet window being pressed and made

Glass signs are an elegant and professional way to display either a house signs or business sign which will last for years to come and look timeless.

Signs made from glass are rarely seen on the high street; however, some shops will sell them, but only a specific size and font can be added.

Customers are advised to take their own ideas to an reputable house sign company that specialises in glass signs; this ensures that any details can be applied professionally and delivered to you safely. Online services can also work with different sizes and can cut them into the required shape for you. It’s worth mentioning that can often deliver similar results at the faction of price of glass signs.

As time has moved on, technology has flourished, allowing the glass to be etched into chosen fonts, logos and imagery into the sign with minimal effort. Glass signs are the perfect ambience to any business and tend to set off the tone once your clients step through your front door. When applying a background such as a coloured piece of acrylic and then displaying your glass sign by mounting it to the front, this highlights the sign and makes it stand out to the eye.

LED Business and House Sign Lighting

glass sign with led lighting

The LED lighting can also be placed onto the background material to illuminate the business sign, which looks beautiful in the day but also lights it up in the evening to show off the details.

Fragile House Signs made from Glass

rustic stone broken glass sign

Glass signs are much more fragile from obvious reasons than most of the other materials on the market. Glass can chip, crack, smash and corrode with specific weathering leaving it an element that needs certain maintenance to keep it flourishing for years to come.

More expensive than acrylic:
Most customers tend to sway over to using house signs made from plastic (acrylic) instead of glass for the above reasons plus that it is more affordable than glass, but it is a more brittle material and can shatter easier.

House signs made from Glass Tiles

example of glass tiles business sign

Glass tiles are another affordable way to have a unique glass sign and a great way to involve the family in making a custom house sign. Applying the Glass tiles, China, Pottery and other ceramic materials into a mosaic pattern or create numbers of the property against a colourful background.

Stained Glass Windows

stain glassed window house number

There is a variety of different coloured glass that you could add to your sign and have a stained glass window effect or create the sign as one block colour.


  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Elegant


  • It can chip or smash if not handled correctly
  • Not always local
  • Expensive