Best Materials for Making a DIY House Sign

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There are so many different types of materials to use for house signs, and each type can be useful in showing off your new sign. House sign companies will often use stone, wood, metal, glass or acrylics and plastics, for DIY usage, you would want to use a material that you have the knownledge and tools to make it happen. Below is a list of the best DIY house sign materials.

Popular House Sign Materials

This could be weather conditions, fixtures issues, supporting itself and more. We are going to take a look at the pros when using certain stones, plastics, metals and other resources.

writing text on wood

Painted Wood House Signs

House Signs made from Wood that are painted are normally only temporary without some kind upkeep, or coating to protect it from the elements. This can be a range of different types of wood, sanded down and then painted any colour to suit your style. Painted wood is also great for upcycling projects.

You could use old crates or bed headboards. Weddings, Christenings and other events look beautiful with these types of signs.

The wood won’t hold most weather, and by placing it on grass, it will start to rot over time, but for a temporary sign, it will have guests talking.

apex laminating pouches

Laminated Paper House Signs

Just like the painted wood, laminated paper signs are temporary signs. These signs will not last through weather like rain, snow or wind.

Laminated signs can be used at events such as parties to show your guests directions to where they need to go or even signs showing off the birthday boy/girl.

vinyl house numbers

Vinyl House Signs

Vinyl signs are most commonly used by businesses as vinyl is sturdy and can be cut into any shape or size allowing you to have a big sign for your business to smaller signs labelling doors such as office, kitchen and toilets.

Vinyl signs will need to be updated at a later date as they can wear down faster and start looking old and scratched which is not a great look for a company.

mosaic house sign with numbers 61

Mosaic House Signs

Mosaic signs will often use glass, china or pottery are great fun to design and make and will last a very long time making it an excellent and permanent house sign. One of the great things about mosaic is that you can choose the patterns you like to make it with.

Mosaic is affordable as you can pick up free or cheap tiles or crockery to use. Before you glue it into the right design, Mosaic allows you to shuffle pieces around if you are not happy with the way it looks.

Parents also can get the kids involved in the family home sign which will keep it unique to your family for years to come.

hanging wooden house signs

Wooden House Signs

Wooden signs will give a natural look to your home and look stunning fixed to your wall or attached to a post. You can choose what type of wood you would like, English Oak seems to be the most popular choice as it carves well and shows off its natural wood grain, but you can choose Accoya, Balau, Chestnut, Douglas Fir, English Cherry, Idigbo, Iroko, Opepe, Sapele and Sycamore.

Wooden signs will withstand mild weather conditions providing they are well maintained.

stone house sign attached to wood post

Stone House Signs

Stone signs are strong, durable and made to last. It takes thousands of years for stone to feel the effects of persistent weathering, stone signs also need minimal maintenance. These signs can be shaped into plaques or left as their natural form to sit on the ground.

Stone can be carved into, and various fonts and imagery can be used to create your custom design. Different types of stone will give you different styles and looks. You could choose Slate, Welsh Slate, Marble, Sandstone or Yorkshire Stone.

But, if you do not have the proper tools to engrave, smooth or cut, then a custom stone house sign may not be a good DIY choice. If you need any advice, let us know, as we have vast knownledge working with a wide range of stone types.

sand casting mould

Concrete House Signs

Concrete allows the designer to be as creative as possible. Concrete is durable, will hold itself upright if thick enough and will survive harsh weather conditions. You can buy moulds or have a pattern made for you to show your design.

Next, pour the concrete into these moulds. As the consistency is wet, handprints or paw prints could be added to make it a particular family sign. Pebbles, gems, flowers can also be placed onto the wet concrete and then allowed to dry.

acrylic sheets in various colours

Acrylic House Signs

Acrylic plastic is an increasingly popular choice for making a house sign as they give the look of being fresh and clean. Acrylic plastic is an increasingly popular choice for signs as they give the look of being fresh and clean.

Acrylic is commonly made from perspex which is a high standard material which will give a modern look and can be an affordable material compared to others.

These signs can withstand certain weathers and will give the customer at least ten years of good use with proper maintenance. Acrylic signs can be cut into specific shapes and various fonts carved into this material.

These signs can be used with the high gloss acrylic or matt acrylic which gives off two different looks but can both be designed personally for the customer.

various metals

Metal House Signs

Metal signs are usually made from aluminum which gives the customer a thin and robust sign that can be flexed into various shapes and patterns.

Metal signs can also be purchased in other metals such as brass, bronze, cast iron and stainless steel.

Signs made from steel can be the strongest of all with signs and will stand through weather conditions; however as time passes, steel tends to rust. These metals can come in various colours and can be etched easily, allowing the customer to add different fonts and images to create a custom design.

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