House Signs Installed within or attached to a Wall

slate house sign for herbert house attached to exterior wall

It is very common for a business sign or a house sign to be attached to the wall, it supports a wide range of house sign materials and can be installed within just a few methods depending on the DIY Install method you opt to use.

Popular choices of house materials include, but not limited to: stone, wood, metal and most acrylics.

Wall House Sign Options

House signs fixed to the wall positioned at eye level makes the sign more natural to read and guests more likely to find your address without any issues.

Lighting can also be added behind the sign which will light up your address or details on the sign to show visitors where to go at night. These lights can also be brought in different colours to keep your sign looking unique.

Installing House Signs within a Wall

CT1 bond in various colours

Traditionally house signs are made from stone which includes Slate, Welsh Slate, Marble, Sandstone, Yorkshire Stone, granite and limestone. When using signs made from stone, you are graced with beautiful natural carvings that you can treasure for a very long time. Stone signs will last through years and many weather conditions without much maintenance.

Metal signs can look modern and traditional with personal markings etched onto them; however, metal signs need maintaining as they don’t tend to last as long in most weathers.

Metal signs are more practical to use indoors at a company for example when marking office, kitchen and toilet doors. Once your sign has been chosen, its time to install it into the wall.

The most affordable and more accessible way to do this is to use vertical bonding adhesives. Applying vertical bonding adhesive to the back and the sides of your sign will allow you to fix the sign into place with minimal effort and will hold it securely in place.

You should be aware that if your sign is up to 10kg in weight, CT1 constructive adhesive would be best to use. If the sign is 10kg to 50kg, then Power Grand n Bond adhesive would be best to use to ensure there is a firm hold on your sign.

Attaching a House Sign to a Wall

makita drill set

Mounting house signs onto the wall can give an old fashioned feel to any home as well as displaying the number, address, name and other details. House or business signs within a wall are much more affordable to complete, faster and easier to install.

Using masonry screws, drill into the brick wall 4mm and then secure the sign into place by using wall plugs and screws.

You can buy copper, silver, and gold plated screws to match the colouring of the font on the sign. Most materials will be fairly easy to attach to a wall, just take your time and know the type of wall you are drilling into.

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