Hanging House Signs using Brackets

hanging sign using wall brackets

Many businesses and properties across the country use brackets to hang their signs to achieve a more traditional look to their workplace or home.

The brackets used to hang these house signs or business signs are usually made from cast iron and other types of metals that has been bent into a style of different patterns which in turn keeps them looking old fashioned yet unique. These brackets generally are dark in colour which compliments a house sign made using stone such as slate and sandstone but there are many other popular house sign materials that could be used.

Hanging Signs are Popular

Walking down an old cobblestone high street, you will see them here a lot more, like above the old ice cream shop or the book store. Pubs are another business who commonly display their signs with brackets over their entrances. It is an old tradition for a pub to show the landlord and landlady’s details over the top of the main entrance by using these signs.

posted hanging community garden sign

Posted Hanging
Signs for Community Centres

Posted hanging signs are great for displaying details due to the more significant volume of space allowed. Community centres, retirement homes or hospitals usually use these types of signs as they present all the information clearly and can be seen from a great distance.

These types of signs are more commonly hung or fixed into wooden posts and are often single-sided when used in carparks or national parks.

hanging sign attached to post

Direction Signs

Amusement parks or open farmyards are a few places where they will display their directions, to aid your way around, hanging from posts.

Displaying directions like this will help their customers see them from a distance and also allow them to follow the correct route.

Around our country, we still have direction posts made from stone that travellers would have used many years ago.

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