Help Picking an Online Reputable House Sign Company

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Within our modern world, more and more people are turning away from shopping on the high street and ordering anything and everything online. Purchasing House Signs online has increased in popularity, and the reasons people turn to it are understandable and justified.

House signs can be made from a wide range of materials but at RS, we use stone because they are super durable and do not wear from persistent weathering unlike house signs made from wood, metal or plastic. Also house signs made from stone look great and have many different display methods.

Bring out the hot chocolate in Autumn

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As we are heading into Autumn, the days get darker, and the rain tends to set in, thinking of sitting on your sofa with a hot chocolate while browsing the web seems like bliss. There is no rush in the shops or queues and no hefty parking charges to pay and to top it all off; you have unlimited time to make sure that you are happy with your purchase.

As this, all sounds great and practical; unfortunately, there will always be certain types of people taking advantage of customers and not delivering goods or not providing a service to a high standard.

Advice on How to Order Online

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This article will be giving you advice on how to order a house sign online and what to look out for, so you do receive a service that you have paid for. House signs are highly available online due to the technology enabling sign companies to provide custom and bespoke signs that get delivered right to your door.

Engraving Technology has come such a long way in our modern world that companies like Rustic Stone can create your dream sign with lettering, images, logos and other details etched into beautiful cuts of stone and then sent to your home or business.

When purchasing a sign online, the number one rule is always to look around, do not jump into the first company you see. It is essential to shop around as you will discover every sign company produces goods differently to the next company.

Here are our other handy hints and tips when shopping online for a house or business sign

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House Sign Customer Reviews

It is always vital to read the reviews and be suspect over them. Every company, even the most professional ones, will always have a few negative reviews, so if it’s looking too good to be true – it probably is. When it comes to looking at the negative reviews, take a look at what has happened and how the company have dealt with the matter.

Professional companies will always take the time to reply to these reviews and try to correct them if they can. Many companies will allow customers to attach a photo of the item they had brought onto the review itself; this is an excellent time for you to inspect the picture to see the signs that they produce and the quality of the work that they can achieve.

Alongside the reviews from individual company websites, Trustpilot is another reliable source when it comes to reviews online. Trustpilot is most trusted review platform on the web, so put your trust into the reviews that have been placed onto their site. Take your time to read all reviews on there and look at the chosen companies score.

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Google Maps

Google maps can help you identify if you are looking at a real company and not an odd address that someone is using. Google will have the businesses details from the website address, opening hours to contact details. You can find Rustic Stone is on Google Maps (by appointment only).

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House Signs & Accepted Payments

Check the payment methods the current company uses and its terms and conditions. When paying with your debit or credit card, you have more reassurance and cover in case anything goes wrong.

Paypal will give you the same cover and will return your money to you while they deal with the rogue company.

You should never agree to pay for goods through a bank transfer, you will not be covered and will unlikely get your money back in case anything goes wrong. Most professional and reliable companies online will only ask for the correct way of payment.

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Just as above with contacting the company, great companies will have a detailed FAQ page. They would have compiled their most common questions and queries that they receive then have produced an answer for each one. Companies that are more than willing to help out their customers are the most trusted and reliable businesses.

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Delivery & Returns

Research the companies delivery and returns policy if you receive damaged goods or you have an accident. Most good companies will have a reasonable return policy regarding this.

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Unless you have been sitting under a rock over the past year, you would have heard of GDPR.

GDPR is a set of rules and regulations that were put into place in 2018 to protect data of individuals across the EU. When purchasing a sign online, you are committing to giving the company your details, so make sure you know that specific company follow these rules to keep your data safe.

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Contact Us & Mockups

Professional online house sign companies will always welcome questions or queries and will get back to you in a suitable and reasonable time frame. Check that the company has a trusted contact number such as a landline and not just a mobile number posted on their website.

Most websites nowadays provide a chat service during business hours so it makes life easier.

Companies will be happy to create you a mock-up of a sign that you have chosen, this is so you can have the chance to see your finished sign before you purchase it. This makes sure that every customer is happy with the final product before paying a penny. At Rustic Stone we provide all customers with multiple contact methods, and we will always provide you a mockup.

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Summary and Conclusion

There you have it, our top tips for buying a sign online. Just remember a professional and reliable company will be prepared to go that extra mile for their customers as they are highly passionate with their businesses.