Should You Buy A Custom House Sign?

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Placing a house sign on or nearby your home can be one of the best finishing touches that you can do. Your house sign will be the first impression family, guests or even your postman will see before knocking on your door. As time has gone by, technology has advanced which means you can have any name, number, logo, image or even patterns engraved, or printed on your custom made house sign. Custom House Signs make a beautiful and unique sign just for your home.

When a house is named, or you want to add a family name to a sign, you can struggle to find a sign that incorporates these details on the high street. DIY shops such as Homebase and B&Q can provide numbers but cannot fulfil an order of a sign with additional details; this is when Rustic Stone is prepared to design and craft your perfect sign from beautiful cuts of stone.

Our customers have a more significant selection of materials to choose from that can complement their homes which is something you cannot get on the high street.

Signs can also be designed to display numbers, this can be more expensive than purchasing number stickers on the high street but can be more beneficial as you can match the selected stone to the style of your home as well as having a high-quality sign where you can add a picture, logo or even a family name next to the number. This type of sign will stand out and will be more pleasing to the eye.

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Which Materials Should You use for a Custom House Sign?

One of the most exciting parts about designing a custom made sign is that you can choose any material that is suited to your needs, wants or style of homes such as natural stone for a village home or a glass sign for a modern house in the city.

Every type of material have their benefits, and a little research goes a long way to ensure you pick the right material for your sign that will last a long time.

At Rustic Stone we use many different types of stones including: slate, Welsh slate, marble, sandstone and Yorkshire stone

But there are many other materials to consider such as: plastic, glass, wood, metal and combined materials.

Most materials will support a range of methods to etch patterns, numbers, fonts into them too. These types of signs will also come with fixtures and some may even have led lighting on the back of the sign to make it stand out.

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How should
You Design Your House Sign?

When choosing a design, many helpful steps can make it easier for yourself if you are not an expert in designing.

There are many sites across the internet like Pinterest or Google Images that can give you some ideas of what you might like on the sign and which fonts to choose.

Most design companies like Rustic Stone have sophisticated design tools that take out the hard work for you. There are easy steps when using these tools and will allow you to create your ideal sign from design to postage.

There are many designers on sites such as Etsy that will design your design with all the detailed information you pass to them for a small fee. You can then pass this design onto the company that you have chosen to create your custom sign.

If you are an artistic person then creating the design by drawing it on paper or the computer as the design company can use this to create your new unique sign.