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It’s not very often that we get asked to make gifts and presents from stone since many people stick to main stream retailers, which really is a big shame since we offer unique stone gifts that not only surprise the person but will last for many decades if not hundreds of years.

Below you can discover just some of our stone ideas and actual items we have made and sold to our customers, if you have an idea why not let us know and we will try our hardest to cater for your requirements.

Stone Cheeseboard

Hand finished slate cheeseboard with carved holly design. A nice idea for Christmas that isn’t so Christmassy that it couldn’t be used for other occasions such as a wedding present.

stone cheeseboard

another stone cheeseboard

This item has a lovely weight and tactile feel, it may take us a few days to craft and free postage is included.

Please note: Cheese and knives not included!

Mother Days Cheeseboard

Here is yet another cheeseboard we have made, this one was made before the one shown above.

Here is an early product we made which was first made for a mother’s day gift.

slate cheeseboard

Stone Plaque Wedding Gift

We made this stone plaque to mark the wedding of Adam and Perdy, our plaques are really unique and you can bet that no one else would of purchased this for them, avoid purchasing duplicates by buying something unique from Rustic Stone.

stone wedding gift

What this customer said about this product: The bride and groom absolutely loved the slate – my sister squealed… (happily!) when she saw it. That’s exactly the reaction I was hoping for! Thank you so much, you did a wonderful job. The slate is beautiful and I know it’s something they will treasure for many years.

Valentines Gifts

Show someone you love them with a personal stone valentines gift, we often make pebble like stones with personal love messages just check out the example below.

personalised stone gift

Birthday Stone Gift

Personalised gifts make ideal birthday gifts, gifts for him and her and gifts for the new baby. Each and every stone is unique, marking it as that very special present to a loved one or even a memory from the past. Write any message onto a stone and send it to a loved one!

stone birthday gift

Christening Gifts

We can personal a pebble or stone to mark the celebration of a christening, check out a example we have made before for a baby with her initials engraved on.

christening gift

Baby Gifts

This stone gift was a perfect idea for a Grandmother living overseas from her five grandchildren. She now has a lovely, tactile, simple gift to remember them by.

christening stones

Christmas Gift Certificate

At Christmas periods we can get extremely busy and sometimes are not able to guarantee a Christmas delivery for our signs, we are offering a personalised gift certificate to present to the intended gift recipient.

We make the mock up in the usual way and print it onto our certificate along with a personal message if required and either print it onto card email it for you to print yourself.

The gift itself will be made and dispatched in the New Year. The option remains open for the recipient to change any details such as font or layout (note that selecting a different stone will probably affect the price).

Take a look at a shot of the gift certificate below…

stone gift cert

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