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how to use rustic stone design tool

House signs can help a visitor locate your home quickly and easily by displaying the correct information that they will be looking for when they arrive. As well as letting people know where you are located, house signs can be individual to you and your family by displaying your name, the house name, house number and other unique information that makes your house sign stand out and is completely personal to you and your family.

Rustic Stone have been designing and producing house signs for many years and have hundreds of happy and satisfied customers behind us. In todays blog post, we are going to be giving you a detailed walkthrough on how to design your own house sign on our website, from selecting the stone to receiving the end product.

Here at Rustic Stone we believe that our customers should be able to design the perfect sign that is unique to them. We have a design and buy option that you can create your own house sign in four simple steps.


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When you are ready, go to our homepage and click the design & buy option

Step 1: Click House Signs

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There will be three purchase options that you can choose from which are House signs, Memorials for people and Pet memorials. In this instance, click House signs.

Step 2: Choose the type of House Sign you Want

instructions 02a

This page is deciding which type of stone you would like the house sign made out of. We have the option of:

  • Upright irregular slate
  • Irregular sandstone plaque
  • irregular slate plaque
  • Regular edged slate plaque
  • Sandstone plaque regular shaped
  • Regular marble plaque
  • Irregular york stone
  • Regular york stone

Step 3: Choose your sign fixtures (Optional)

instructions 03

Now that you have chosen the best type of stone for yourself, you can now select the fixing or mounting option that you would like.

Step 4: You made it! now get designing!

instructions 04

This step allows you to but the stone as it is incase you want to design it yourself at home. If you want us to engrave it and ship it out to you, you now have the option to select the size of the stone.

Size of Sign

There is a simple slider that you can move to get the correct measurements of what you would like. Not to be confused with the ‘ZOOM’ slider.

Adding Text

On this page there is also the option to add text to the stone and you can chose the colour and font as you wish. Simply click the ‘Add Text’

Adding Images

Next you can chose an image from our gallery of popular choices or we can engrave an image of your own. Simply click the ‘Add Image’ button.

Step 4: Buy it

Once you are happy with your design, you can go ahead and order it for shipment. There is an option to add any comments that you would like to our team before you pay. We look forward to creating your new and creative house sign.

Need Help?

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During business hours you can live chat with one of our members of the team, simply click the LiveZilla button found within the design tool in green. Alternatively if you rather talk to us, then please ring 0844 811 1373.

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