Stone Memorial Plaques

Our Natural and Regular Cut memorial plaques and tablets are made using the highest quality engraving techniques available, and with the finest hand-picked stone. The plaques can be used outdoors or indoors.

From Small to Large
From Small to Large
Product Quality:
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Stone Type:
Marble, Sandstone, Slate, Welsh Slate
Plaque Types:
Natural Rugged Edge, Smooth Straight Edge, Round, Oval, Square, Rectangle etc.

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Rated 5/5 based on 5 customer reviews

Traditional craftsmanship using 21st century technology = superb end product

5/5 Stars

Received our marble family memorial plaque today…What a superb end product! It’s been a pleasure dealing with a company that’s embraced traditional craftsmanship with 21st century technology to produce an outstanding quality product. Thoroughly recommended. A big thank you to Jeremy of Rustic Stone on behalf of the whole family.

21 January 2014

Superb quality & excellent service

5/5 Stars

I ordered a memorial plaque for my daughter – the team were quick to reply to my emails regarding design, and the service was excellent. I was very happy with the design, and the plaque arrived in the timescale they gave. The quality and finish was amazing – I couldn’t be more pleased. Highly recommended.

Love my plaque

5/5 Stars

Great service and great product. I’m very happy with my plaque and would certainly recommend the company to anyone

helpful, reliable service with good quality products

5/5 Stars

The web site was easy to navigate and prepare a memorial plaque. The telephone advice was helpful. The plaque itself was well made and arrived safely and in good time.

Rusticstone are fantastic!

5/5 Stars

I used Rustic Stone’s template on their website to prepare the plaque and received an exellent quote. I spoke to Rustic Stone directly to request an urgent delivery and then changed the delivery address which was no problem to them at all. When the plaque arrived we were all very impressed and are thinking of changing a memorial plaque previously bought for our father which is not of the same professional standard. Delivery was to my timing, notificationa received that it had been despatched and delivered so I would not hesitate to recommend this company.

Quality of our Stone Products


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Why Rustic Stone?

We have be engraving onto many types of stone for many years and with over ten thousand sales online we not only have the compassion to deal with your order without hassles we actually have more experience than most of our online rivals.

Should you see an item that you like the look of then we can try to replicate that product, however should you want a natural edge plaque and not a straight edge memorial then it may be impossible to get an absolute copy since they are completely natural and no two are alike. of course, we will try our hardest to get the closest match possible.


Memorial Plaque Types

Below you can view our vast range of plaque types available.

Rough and Natural Edge

Our natural edge plaques are naturally splintered off pieces of rock which means these are completely unique and you will never get another exactly the same. These are ideal for unique people, family and friends. This type of grave marker really works well with all garden memorials and remembrance areas but please note that we are only able to provide this type in slate and sandstone currently

While no cutting is performed on this type of memorial, we do ensure that sharp edges are removed so that when handling our product you do not cut your fingers or hands – also preventing any wildlife or animals hurting themselves if you place your stone in the garden.

Square and Rectangle

Our regular straight edge cut memorial plaques and tablets are ideal for more of a contemporary look. They are available in both square and rectangle dimensions in various sizes, and made from sandstone, slate or marble. Some churches and remembrance gardens will not allow other types of memorial stones – it’s worth checking with the relevant authority before buying, as everywhere has different rules and regulations on what is allowed.

Oval and Round

Please note: We have no longer stock oval and round memorial stone plaques. We’ve found thah there is simply not enough demand for this shape of stone for memorials. However,if you are absolutely certain that a round or oval plaque is ideal for your requirements then please give us a call on 0844 811 1373 and we can discuss options for sourcing a stone for you.


Stone Materials

We only use the best UK stone available. Below you can review the stone types that use for remembrance products.

Welsh Slate

Our natural and straight edge slate plaques all vary from one another. Straight edge slate is “honed” to give a satin finish (between polished and natural). We polish out saw marks from the sides and chamfer all the edges lightly. Images can be used as can decorative separators on dual memorials and these plaques can also use decorative borders. Natural slate plaques come with a riven face (when the slate is split it reveals a ‘grain’, a bit like wood) and is usually 15mm to 20mm thick, or sometimes thicker. The lighter stone (sandstone) is chisel edged and brushed to soften the jags. All our slate is handpicked for quality and shape.


Sandstone is lighter in colour than slate and we wanted to be able to offer a wider range of choice in this area. We’ve tested all manner of snadstone types to find something that was workable, practical and sustainable. We now use with the two types of sandstone that you can see in the examples.


Marble is widely used for remembrances here in the UK and very commonly found in church graveyards – so this may be the best choice should you want to be using this type of grave marker on private land. Some churches and other private remembrance areas may not allow memorial plaques on their property, so please ensure that you check your local regulations. We do not actively stock all sizes of marble stones since the demand on sandstone and Welsh slate is much higher. However, we can source for you some of the finest marble around – please use the contact page or ring us to discuss your options.


Screws and Pre-drilled Holes

Most of the time, our memorial plaques for people are laid flat within a remembrance area or garden, however from time to time we do receive orders that request that they want to be able to mount their stone vertically on a remembrance wall of some kind. This is not a problem for us and we can provide screw fixtures and pre-drilled holes as well as a countersink. We can also ‘reverse fix’ so that there are no visible fittings of any kind on the face of the plate, Resin fixing is another option.

Resin Fitting

If you would prefer an alternative to screw fixtures then we can provide a resin fitting type sfor a “screwless” option.



Since we use natural rocks and stones that have been on earth for millions of years, our products will pretty much last forever. As with nay product, a small amount of maintenance may be required to maintain perfect condition, although the amount of maintenance is much lower compared to other material types such as metal or plastics. The only maintenance our grave stones require is the occasional touch up of paint on the text engraving. How often this is required can vary due to UK weather conditions such as strong wind with rain or sunlight which can fade the color of the paint over time. With this said, we do use extra-long lasting and high durability paint designed to last years without requiring any touch-ups.


How to purchase a plaque

We’ve created a unique online design tool to allow you to create a memorial plaque exactly how you want it – and see the results prior to your order. Once we have received your design and payment has been processed we will then make a mock-up which contains your design in better detail to make sure you are absolutely happy with the design. then we will wait for you to sign off on this design, what this means we will not start engraving onto the item until you are satisfied what the final product will look like, in the rare event you don’t like the mock-up and don’t believe it can be changed to suit you, then we will issue a full refund.

If you have any questions whatsoever please don’t hesitate to in touch with Rustic Stone, we have a dedicated and friendly team standing by to take your call and we pride ourselves on lsiting to your requirements.