Crafty and Creative DIY ideas for House Numbers

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house sign craft ideas

House signs are the first impression you are giving to your guests as they walk up to your house. There are many different and stunning signs online to choose from but making your own will give it a unique feel to it. Whether you are crafty or not, homemade signs will bring a sense of quirkiness to your home.

Making your own house signs isn’t for everyone! If you want a bespoke custom house sign then we can help you with the design and production of the item.

Examples of DIY House Signs

Take a look at some ideas of beautiful, unique and stunning house signs below that are affordable to create.

Plant Pots with House Numbers

house numbers using plant pots

Create a stack of newly painted plant pots on top of each other. You can now use a fine paintbrush and paint your number and house name on the various pots.

Feature Boxes with House Name or Numbers

house sign using a wood box

Create a box by using wood and fill with any feature, whether it’s a large plant, seashells or pebbles etc. Add your personalised information by either painting on or buying individual letters and numbers from your local hardware store.

House Numbers using Hammered-in Nails

house sign using nails

Create a template with a pencil onto the background of the wood you will be using to hammer the nails into. Gently hammer all the nails into the wood, filling up the template. Depending on the look you want, depends on how deep you hammer your nails. Great for a modern and contemporary house sign look.

Lego Crafted House Signs

lego house sign

Got kids? Got plenty of Lego? Then why not get the whole family involved and create a house sign with or without a mail box. A house sign made of Lego with numbers or a house name will provide the entire family with plenty of fun crafting it and without a doubt will have your guests taking notice.

Stencils House Numbers

metal stencils house-sign

If you are nervous about painting free hand then stencils are fantastic as there are many different fonts and shapes you can use. Choose your background sign and stencil onto it. You could also sand down the sign, giving it a shabby chic feel to it.

Planter Box with House Numbers

box feature house sign

These look incredibly beautiful. Create a wooden planter box with a headboard going up one side. Add your details using a stencil and the fill up the planter box with soil and your favorite flowers. You can now attach this to your wall.

Pictured House Numbers in a Picture Frame

house sign using-picture frame

Take apart a picture frame or multiple frames. Create artwork on card measuring the size of the frames. You can also add brass numbers to one of the frames. Hang on the outside wall for a totally different and shabby chic look.

Chalkboard House Signs

chalkboard house sign

The best thing about having a chalk board sign is that you can always change what it says. Create a border around the board by using wood, plastic or even a picture frame.

Converting Old Windows into a House Sign

house sign windows

Create a house quirky sign by using an old window. Add your details by using glass paint. You can add other images too like flowers or whatever season it currently is.

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