Commemorative Stone Plaques and Markers

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We really enjoy making commemorative plaques and makers in a variety of stones, we often get to make some really delightful items such as the Pack It In stone which you can view below along with many more examples of the quality workmanship we provide in every single sale we make.

Pack It In Marker

This was really great fun to work on, this design was born of a charismatic lady who, in a playful way, would raise her hand and say “Pack it in” as if to say stop or I will whack you! The lighthearted manor of this stone would, as the customer said, “Raise a tear or two and a smile” from visiting relatives who remembered the character.

commemorative marker

The font used on this stone was Celtic MD and is supposed to have a Celtic knot design in the capital P but it had to be removed as the detail was just a tiny bit too small.

Chinese paddle stone is a soft shale stone not unlike slate – it comes in a few different textures and consistencies. Our online design tool does not feature such stones, if you would like one of these please contact us.

Our First Marble Plaque

This commemorative marble plaque was commissioned by a lady’s choir friends. Our first attempt at working with marble turned out very satisfactorily.

marble commemorative plaque

The customer picked the Baker Signet font and black infill for the plaque out of the three artwork options that we presented her with. We pre drilled and countersunk the screw holes and supplied the dome capped screws.

Marble is a harder stone than slate and comes in a multitude of different shade and patterns.

Dimensions: 380mm x 305mm

A Plaque for a Such a Young Soul

 Commemorative plaque

This plaque was to commemorate a little boy’s sadly short life, The typeface used on this slate plaque was Maiandra GD and seemed fitting for this plaque. The personal message to their beloved son on this stone is very touching and shows how wonderful remembrance maker in slate can really be.

Dimensions: 300mm x 230mm
Thickness: 20mm

Old Palace Retirement Plaque

rustic commemorative plaque

This retirement plaque requested by a London school for a surprise for the head teacher who was retiring. The image was the school heraldry / logo and it was supplied in JPG format. We would usually insist on such intricate artwork being an EPS copy (Vector) but in this case it had to be re drawn to be used.

The font used on this plaque was tempus Sans ITC. And is just one of thousands of fonts that can be used on our stones.

Dimensions: 450mm x 500mm

Garden Opening

slate commemorative plaque

This slate commemorative plaque was commissioned by a school for their commemorative garden opening. They asked for the plaque to be drilled on all four corners so that they could affix to a wooden frame that the pupils had made for this purpose. The fonts used on this plaque were Monotype Corsiva and Times New Roman Italic and in filled with white paint. This product is fine rubbed and comes with a polished finished.

Dimensions: 600mm x 300mm

Remembrance Marker

We were commissioned to make a slate remembrance marker for a company who well-loved boss had passed away. It was made using a faxed image of the logo that needed quite a lot of cleaning to make the image crisp. We don’t usually offer slate plaques as thick as this one but the customer specifically wanted a really thick piece.

remembrance marker

Commemorative Memorial

memorial stone plaque

This is a memorial commemorative marker that we made some time ago that I just loved the look of. The Times New Roman Italic gold text and the beautiful markings of the stone just absolutely set it off a treat.

The customer mounted the bottom of the slate directly into wet cement and braced until dry and then covered the cement with shingle. This is a simple way to safely fix an upright plaque such as this.

This was the first of this type that we had made and we all loved the way that it turned out. The customer was also pleased enough with it to let us feature it on this page!

Dimensions: 600mm x 300mm

How to Purchase

We have made purchasing from us as simple as possible simple visit our Commemorative section of the site using the menu found at the top of this page, if you have any questions then please contact our friendly team today.

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