A Collection of Memorials for Canines & Felines

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Cats and Dogs are among the most popular pets in the United Kingdom and with that in mind these types of pets are sadly lost every single day and leave family’s heart broken, we at Rustic Stone know from firsthand experience exactly how hard it can be for you and your family when your canine or feline passes, our staff are all animal and pet lovers ourselves. Because we have been in business for over a decade we have the compassion and experience to make purchasing a memorial for your dog or cat that much easier, simple give us a call and we try and assist you as much as we can without any hassle.

Should you need ideas for designing your headstone or plaque then we have listed a few within this collection which should help you, again if you have any questions simply give us a call.

Garden Flowerbed Headstone for Canines

This lovely dog memorial stone is a medium sized product that is created from a solid Welsh Slate. The font you see used here is Monotype Corsiva, and is filled in with white paint, which is a good contrasting colour.

pet memorial for a dog

This look is very popular for the all canine remembrances as the contrasting colours are easy to read from a distance. The contrasting colour is optional but you may feel that it is important to add, as text on slate can be hard to read when simply etched; the letters seem to disappear when the rock gets wet. By contrasting with a painted colour, we are able to make sure that rain or shine, the memorial can be read.

Different styles of fonts are available for this type of stone, this example also shows the font sizes at its largest, as no other details were required for this example – most have dates and messages added. We tend to leave a larger space at the bottom, so should your garden have growth of grass or brush does not encroach over the lettering.

The dimensions of this rock are 350mm x 200mm.

Gravel Grave Marker for Felines

This is an average sized feline memorial made using solid Welsh slate. The font used was Zapf Humanist and was filled with grey paint.

cat memorial

Grey paint is a popular option for pet and animal remembrances as they do not need to be read from any distance or at night. You may wonder why we use grey paint at all when it would be simpler to leave the etched text as the natural colour – whilst this too is possible slate lettering becomes difficult to read when it’s wet. Using a grey paint as close as possible to the natural etched slate colour is a good option as it looks natural all the time it’s dry and is still readable when wet.

This was probably about the limit for the amount of text that could be fit onto this sized item without encroaching too much onto the base area which we try to leave clearance from so that the owner does not have to cut the grass or foliage around the stone too often.

The dimensions of this item was 360mm x 330mm.

Engraved Memorial Rock

pet memorial for pets

This engraved pet memorial rock is one of our larger remembrance rocks we stock and sell, with a dimension of 520mm x 270mm. You will need a fair sized stone if you want to add a lot of text, as unlike polished stone the lettering can’t be too small.

This particular engraved item is created from Solid Welsh Slate, a sturdy and beautiful stone that can help you have a proper memorial area for your pet. Available for any animal imaginable, this rock is large enough to cover more than a simple name.

The letters of this solid rock are painted with a specific colour to allow the letters to stand out. Occasionally, simply etched letters on solid welsh slate can be difficult to read, especially in rainy weather. We understand that you want your item to be able to be seen and read in any weather, so we paint the letters to allow them to stay visible through all-weather types.

I images can also be added though they tend to be simple images only as we cannot go to tiny detailed engraving on this type of stone, dimensions of this item were 520mm x 270mm.

Our Animal Remembrances are Eco Friendly

pet memorial for animals

This stone was used as a pet funeral memorial stone. Made from entirely natural recycled riven Welsh slate, no paint infill on the text, this is an environmentally friendly animal funeral option. All of our work is done with the least amount of pollution or waste and on entirely natural stone products. We also use degradable packaging where possible though it’s not yet possible or viable to entirely use Eco-friendly packaging one hundred percent yet we hope to be able to make the full switch one day.

Our remembrances need little or no maintenance, you may want to brush the dust out of the text every now and then or brush off and, if on damp ground you may have to brush off lichen or green that might grow on it, if placed on gravel or sand then this can be avoided.

Engraved in Mono-type Corsiva font, the dimensions of this stone were 400mm x 220mm. We base costs on the size of the item and not the amount of text – within reason. The amount of text is finite as there is a limit to the size of text that we can safely reduce to, but you can fit a fair few lines on and have even engraved poems into some of our work.

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