Our Favourite Quirky & Contemporary Stone House Signs

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We are extremely proud of every modern house sign we produce, should it be a contemporary or quirky, our plaques stand out, in all the right ways! We have been doing so for over a decade and have seen many competing companies fall while we go from strength to strength.

Below you can find many examples of our work that we have sold, delivered and had customer feedback from. If you like any of the designs and items shown on this page and would like something similar then please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call, we look forward from hearing from you.

Barracks Cottage

We received an order for a But n Ben cottage, the order came from a customer located in Perthshire for a slate house sign for his But n Ben Cottage in the Highlands. we never heard of this phrase before now and therefore we had to this it up.

If your also wondering what is a But n Ben, it means a two room house, But is the living room and Ben is the bedroom, Now supposedly more common as a holiday home, the phrase is in decline, unfortunately… but none the less its an interesting fact.. Houses used to be much small than they are made today.

Below you can view the lovely images of our product and the customer’s lovely home.

But n Ben Cottage

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Stone Gifts and Presents

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It’s not very often that we get asked to make gifts and presents from stone since many people stick to main stream retailers, which really is a big shame since we offer unique stone gifts that not only surprise the person but will last for many decades if not hundreds of years.

Below you can discover just some of our stone ideas and actual items we have made and sold to our customers, if you have an idea why not let us know and we will try our hardest to cater for your requirements.

Stone Cheeseboard

Hand finished slate cheeseboard with carved holly design. A nice idea for Christmas that isn’t so Christmassy that it couldn’t be used for other occasions such as a wedding present.

stone cheeseboard

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Commemorative Stone Plaques and Markers

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We really enjoy making commemorative plaques and makers in a variety of stones, we often get to make some really delightful items such as the Pack It In stone which you can view below along with many more examples of the quality workmanship we provide in every single sale we make.

Pack It In Marker

This was really great fun to work on, this design was born of a charismatic lady who, in a playful way, would raise her hand and say “Pack it in” as if to say stop or I will whack you! The lighthearted manor of this stone would, as the customer said, “Raise a tear or two and a smile” from visiting relatives who remembered the character.

commemorative marker

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Stone Signs and Plaques for Businesses

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We often get many orders for businesses use here at Rustic Stone from companies that are looking for a unique and elegant look. Our signs are perfect for all businesses and commercial buildings addresses, It is worth noting that most companies like to look modern most of the time unless they are selling vintage items, if your business is looking for some contemporary or modern signage then we recommend natural plaques, if you’re looking for an old vintage feel ideal for businesses such as farms, pubs, and animal rescues etc. we highly advise our natural stone plaques.

Below you can find examples of our completed work for customers and some experiment work we have tried and test.

Nicholas King Homes

business signs

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Dealing with the bereavement of a loved one

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In dealing with bereavement, it’s important to recognise that the same method won’t work for everybody. There is no right or wrong way. Often, a simple acceptance of reality has to be the key. Nothing and nobody can bring back your loved one, or turn back the clock. You are left with memories. Many people struggle greatly with thoughts of things they regret saying or doing in years past. But this is futile behavior. Above all, you must try to live in the here and now. Be thankful that such a fantastic character entered your world. Believe that you can provide the same positive contribution to the lives of others. Remember, in the end, everything is temporary. We all sometimes pretend that we know exactly what we’re doing on this planet, but life is truly a mystery to every human, whether they openly admit that, or not!

bereavement headstone

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Memorial Material Types

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We at Rustic Stone fully understand the grief and devastation a loved one passing can cause to a person. We ensure our dedication and passion are put into all of our unique and a personal memorial stones, to make sure that the memory is always with you.

All of our stones that we work with and make into a personal, engraved remembrance memorial are handpicked from a quarry situated in North Wales. We only use specific types of stone for our memorials as we believe this gives our customers a high and professional standard for their personal stone.

The memorial stones we specialise in are marble, sandstone and slate. There are a number of other materials that are used that we do not sell these include: Granite, Limestone, Wood, Plastic, Metal and even Glass. Below you can find out a little bit about each memorial material type.

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