TrustPilot? Who? Say Hello to Rustic Stone Google Reviews

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Google Reviews

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Google Reviews

The management at Rustic Stone have taken steps to stop promoting the Trust Pilot platform with immediate effect. We have been using them for several years and now believe its time for us to promote Google Reviews. The decision was made easy after the constant abuse and harassment, and even threats of legal action.

In short, they kept moving the goal posts, first they asked us to remove their logo unless we paid them a fee, we opted to remove the logo. Then they asked us to remove the stars, we did, now they are asking us to remove any mention of the reviews, their name, and links to their own website, unless we pay a fee, or they will proceed with legal action. We strongly believe for a small business like ours we would not see any ROI paying TrustPilot and therefore made the decision not to pay their insane rates.

Customers will still be able to find our reviews on TrustPilot and even leaving reviews on the platform however we just can’t link to them, mention how many reviews we have, or the overall score. Moving forward we will now fully promote Google Reviews and believe their platform is superior for several reasons:

  • Their logo is free to use and it looks better
  • Your reviews are visible when googling our company name
  • 71.8% of mobile phone users already have an account with Google and leaving reviews is easier
  • Google is a leader in AI and the use algorithms to detect fake customers, far exceeds that of TrustPilot.
  • Google reviews are more impactful for rankings with local guides
  • Google reviews are free to display on your website

If you wish to leave us a review on Google please do so by clicking this link: