How to Polish Slate and Stone by Hand

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If you have scratched your slate (or other stone) house sign, memorial, worktop or cheeseboard, fear no more. Read on for a step by step guide on how to repolish that damaged surface and make it as good as new or better.

Illustration of scratched slate: Image 1

badly scratched slate sign

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All about Time Capsules and Plaque Markers

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Time Capsule

There are many reasons why people make time capsules but generally the most common reason is to mark the anniversary or to celebrate some kind of special event such as reopening of a school or even perhaps the marking of a new school year.

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Commemorating William and Kate’s Baby

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Commemorative Plaque for Royal Baby
Kate and William Commemorative Plaque

The whole world is caught up in the celebration of the coming birth of the future King or Queen of England. The royal couple William and Catherine announced the news of their baby back in December of 2012 and ever since the world’s excitement

has been increasingly growing. We are pleased to honour this historic event for England, and the world, and especially the expectant parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, with the offer of a beautifully engraved commemorative plaque.

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Dealing with the Grief of Losing A Pet

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Many pet owners have a powerful connection with their animals. So when a pet is lost, it’s normal to be upset. Others may not be able to appreciate the nature of your loss, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of. You happen to value animals in your life – and you feel that you’ve lost a treasured part of it.

For so many pet owners, their animal is not merely a dog, cat or bunny. The animal is like extended family, so when they pass away, it’s a severe trauma that can take some time to recover from. It may be that the animal played such an unusually important part in your day-to-day life – for instance, a guide dog – that the relationship will be a difficult one to fully replace. You’ll never have exactly the same understanding with another pet (or so you feel, at the moment). You’ve lost a companion; it may feel like losing a work colleague or a partner in life. Maybe if the pet struggled with long-term illness, and achieved several recoveries, then the bond will be a particularly strong one.

death of dog

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4 Featured Garden Pet and Animal Memorials

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Losing a Pet by any means puts the whole family on strain; at Rustic Stone we have been making garden pet memorials in many forms such as stone gravestones, headstones, plaques and markers for many years. We strongly believe that we are one of the best engraving stone providers in this kind of business due to the sheer amount of experience we have. We have out lasted our online competitors by always providing excellent customer service as well as a product the customer wants, also our prices are always kept competitive and if you find cheaper which offers the same quality we would like to hear about it and maybe offer some kind of price match.

Amber Grave Marker

This pet grave marker stone is a nice way to memorialise your beloved pet with a discrete but pretty marker. The pet grave marker stone shown here has the dimensions of 400mm x 150mm. While this free standing sold Welsh Slate stone is smaller than the others, this serves a purpose as the stone was to be displayed under a low hanging tree where the pet was buried – her favorite spot in the garden.

pet grave marker

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A Collection of Memorials for Canines & Felines

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Cats and Dogs are among the most popular pets in the United Kingdom and with that in mind these types of pets are sadly lost every single day and leave family’s heart broken, we at Rustic Stone know from firsthand experience exactly how hard it can be for you and your family when your canine or feline passes, our staff are all animal and pet lovers ourselves. Because we have been in business for over a decade we have the compassion and experience to make purchasing a memorial for your dog or cat that much easier, simple give us a call and we try and assist you as much as we can without any hassle.

Should you need ideas for designing your headstone or plaque then we have listed a few within this collection which should help you, again if you have any questions simply give us a call.

Garden Flowerbed Headstone for Canines

This lovely dog memorial stone is a medium sized product that is created from a solid Welsh Slate. The font you see used here is Monotype Corsiva, and is filled in with white paint, which is a good contrasting colour.

pet memorial for a dog

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5 Examples of our Peoples Stone Memorials

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It’s extremely hard when you lose someone so close to you, at Rustic Stone we have the dedication, compassion and experience to make purchasing as simple and as hassle free as possible with over 10,000 sales we are one of the best online retailers for stone memorials and we are proud of that, we hope that this article gives you some insight into the remembrances we sell which will help you recover and have somewhere to go to remember your lost one. If you like some of the items displayed on this page and would like something similar then please get in touch with our friendly online sales team and we will try to assist you any way we can.

Resting in Peace

This unique stone was designed for Brian Kelly who was born in 1943 and sadly passed in 1999, made from solid unpolished and handpicked slate from a quarry in North wales and then engraved and hand finished in our workshops shows the craftsmanship, care and time we spend making our memorials perfect for your loved ones. Our memorial stones or plaques look absolutely great on top of gravel beds or grass.

freestanding memorial stone

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Our Favourite Quirky & Contemporary Stone House Signs

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We are extremely proud of every modern house sign we produce, should it be a contemporary or quirky, our plaques stand out, in all the right ways! We have been doing so for over a decade and have seen many competing companies fall while we go from strength to strength.

Below you can find many examples of our work that we have sold, delivered and had customer feedback from. If you like any of the designs and items shown on this page and would like something similar then please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call, we look forward from hearing from you.

Barracks Cottage

We received an order for a But n Ben cottage, the order came from a customer located in Perthshire for a slate house sign for his But n Ben Cottage in the Highlands. we never heard of this phrase before now and therefore we had to this it up.

If your also wondering what is a But n Ben, it means a two room house, But is the living room and Ben is the bedroom, Now supposedly more common as a holiday home, the phrase is in decline, unfortunately… but none the less its an interesting fact.. Houses used to be much small than they are made today.

Below you can view the lovely images of our product and the customer’s lovely home.

But n Ben Cottage

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Stone Gifts and Presents

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It’s not very often that we get asked to make gifts and presents from stone since many people stick to main stream retailers, which really is a big shame since we offer unique stone gifts that not only surprise the person but will last for many decades if not hundreds of years.

Below you can discover just some of our stone ideas and actual items we have made and sold to our customers, if you have an idea why not let us know and we will try our hardest to cater for your requirements.

Stone Cheeseboard

Hand finished slate cheeseboard with carved holly design. A nice idea for Christmas that isn’t so Christmassy that it couldn’t be used for other occasions such as a wedding present.

stone cheeseboard

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