Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about our Memorial Stones, House Signs or Pet Memorials? Below, we’ve compiled a list of the most common questions that our customers ask us at Rustic Stone but if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Is the stone engraved and then painted or is it just painted?
The stone is engraved and then painted with the colour of your choice. You may also choose to leave it unpainted.
How thick is the slate used for the freestanding stones?
The thickness varies. We try to pick them so that they are thick enough to stand on their own without blowing over. 50mm to 60mm is the minimum thickness but for the larger, taller stones they may not be all that stable at whatever thickness, so we drill stabilising studs into the base so that they can be safely mounted onto concrete or a wall top, etc. We suggest this on all of the larger stones as they are quite heavy and we certainly wouldn’t want the stone to be damaged or someone’s cat getting squashed by it if it did blow over. We drill the stone and supply the studs so don’t worry.
What guarantees do you offer?
We don’t exactly. We make sure that you are 100% happy with the artwork that we send you before selling you sign or memorial. We make sure that the artwork closely resembles the finished product and the only thing that can go wrong is inthe hands of the courier – and we all know they never break or lose anything ever! If they do, the process starts again with artwork (if irregular stone) until you are satisfied and then we resend all at no extra cost to you.
How long is delivery from start to finish?
Delivery is currently 2 weeks from payment date. Payment is asked for in full on approval of the artwork.
Why is the owner so handsome?
Who knows. He just is.
How long will slate last?
Who knows. It’s already millions and millions of years old so hopefully a bit longer. Seriously, it’s not possible to tell how long the text will last on slate or any other stone. Eventually it will weather away but hopefully not for years and years. Weather conditions will have an effect – slate placed near the coast will more likely weather faster than a more sheltered place inland.
Do you ship abroad?
Yes we do. We ship anywhere; however, shipping heavy stone abroad is costly. We do not make any profit from postal costs so rest assured you get the best deal we can get.
What images can be used on the stone?
We don’t like to say. We’ll try anything. We can only deal with outline or silhouette images though. We like you to have what you want so we don’t restrict you to a set of stock images.
What fonts do you offer?
Same as the answer above, we don’t have any real restrictions about what fonts we offer – we want your sign to be unique also. Some really detailed fonts are not practical (or at least not practical as small letters). If you know a font that you don’t see on our site, if we have it then you can. If we don’t have it and have to buy it we may charge you a little extra.
Can I send you artwork?
Yes you can. We can accept EPS or AI (Illustrator) files. High resolution JPG and BMP as well as TIF files. We can sometimes get non suitable artwork redrawn and adapted for our specific needs. We would have to charge slightly more for this service.
Which company do you use for delivering your products?
Currently we use DHL but we are always shopping around for the best deal (which we pass on). DHL offer us the best deal plus they are more careful than others that we have used. Delivery price is included with the stone price. We don’t list delivery price as this can vary due to the heavy nature of the stone that we send. Needless to say we do not profiteer from the delivery!
Can a stand be attached to your memorials?
Yes, see image below:

Memorial Stand

Do you supply the small memorial stones?
Yes, we can do that. We can also supply with slate stake or wooden stake. The size is fine although you would be limited to how much text you could have on it.
Can your memorials be used instead of the traditional headstones?
Yes they can but you will need to obtain permission from the cemetery. We have made several that have been used in this way but also had quite a lot of upset customers whose cemetery would not let them use a unique stone. My advice would be to find out the cemetery’s policy on this.
Do you offer chisel cut as done by old school masons?
we do offer traditionally carved text and designs, though this costs considerably more and takes longer. Please let us know your requirements and we will put a costing together for you.