4 Featured Garden Pet and Animal Memorials

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Losing a Pet by any means puts the whole family on strain; at Rustic Stone we have been making garden pet memorials in many forms such as stone gravestones, headstones, plaques and markers for many years. We strongly believe that we are one of the best engraving stone providers in this kind of business due to the sheer amount of experience we have. We have out lasted our online competitors by always providing excellent customer service as well as a product the customer wants, also our prices are always kept competitive and if you find cheaper which offers the same quality we would like to hear about it and maybe offer some kind of price match.

Amber Grave Marker

This pet grave marker stone is a nice way to memorialise your beloved pet with a discrete but pretty marker. The pet grave marker stone shown here has the dimensions of 400mm x 150mm. While this free standing sold Welsh Slate stone is smaller than the others, this serves a purpose as the stone was to be displayed under a low hanging tree where the pet was buried – her favorite spot in the garden.

pet grave marker

The font used on this particular example show above is Goudy Hand Tooled. This font is not as popular as some and cannot be used in instances of really small text but suited this solid pet grave marker that just featured the pet’s name.

Painting of text and images on all of our stones, whilst not necessary, is recommended, as slate can be difficult to read when it’s wet. We offer several colour options and can even get special colours in just for you if needs be.

Rosie Headstone Memorial

pet headstone

The pet headstone market shown above is made from solid welsh slate rock, allowing for a sturdy and beautiful media for the remembrance for you and your pet. This animal marker is free standing, meaning that you will need no extra work or accessories to make the rock stand tall.

This product has deeply etched text, and while we don’t have to paint the text in after etching, we do recommend it, as slate can be unreadable when wet without a paint infill in the text. This allows the memorial marker to be visible and read during both rain and shine.

Whilst all of our pages merely feature ideas of situation that you can display our work we feel that the shape of the stone featured is a classic headstone shape. The font that is used on the example above is Monotype Corsiva (popular choice!). The dimensions of the stone are 360mm x 325mm with a thick sturdy, level base for freestanding.

Animal Horse Memorial

The horse memorial stone is a fairly popular memorial stone for those who have lost a horse as a pet. The stone shown is large, which allows for a large amount of writing or images on the product. This example is freestanding but we also make plaques for mounting on stable walls etc.

memorial for animals and pets

This item features etching of more than just a name, messages, and a date; the stone has shape and image etches on it. Different shapes can be engraved along with the text that you would like on your horse memorial stone, allowing you to personalize the stone as much as is necessary.

The font that is showcased on our example above is Monotype Corsiva (a very popular font as you will have noticed from our other examples pages). The dimension of this rock is 400mm x 300mm. Welsh Slate is the type of stone that is used for this and the type is free standing which means that no fixing is required.

Cremation Stones

This slate pet cremation stone is a great way to memorialise an animal or pet that has been cremated. The stone stands upright, allowing those to read and see the remembrance with ease. Flat stones often designate buried pets; having this type of stone allows you to have a memorial for your pet without the burial – though it’s really a matter of preference.

pet memorial stone

Having the large slate rock, made from solid welsh slate, allows you to have a larger surface to write on. The example, shown here, shows a larger sized font showing the simple name and date. Smaller text may be used to fit a message, a poem or an image onto the rock itself to make sure that the product has exactly what you would like to say on it.

The font shown on the example is Monotype Corsiva. The dimensions rock is as follows 315mm x 210mm.

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