Dealing with the Grief of Losing A Pet

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Many pet owners have a powerful connection with their animals. So when a pet is lost, it’s normal to be upset. Others may not be able to appreciate the nature of your loss, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of. You happen to value animals in your life – and you feel that you’ve lost a treasured part of it.

For so many pet owners, their animal is not merely a dog, cat or bunny. The animal is like extended family, so when they pass away, it’s a severe trauma that can take some time to recover from. It may be that the animal played such an unusually important part in your day-to-day life – for instance, a guide dog – that the relationship will be a difficult one to fully replace. You’ll never have exactly the same understanding with another pet (or so you feel, at the moment). You’ve lost a companion; it may feel like losing a work colleague or a partner in life. Maybe if the pet struggled with long-term illness, and achieved several recoveries, then the bond will be a particularly strong one.

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