Horse Memorials

Unique Bespoke Horse Memorials available in various stone types from slate, sandstone, marble to Yorkshire plaques and headstones.

From Small to Large
From Small to Large
Product Quality:
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Stone Type:
Marble, Sandstone, Slate, Welsh Slate, York Stone (Yorkshire)
Horse Memorial Stone Types:
Plaques, Headstones, Gravestones, Wall Memorials, Pet Markers

You can find out more about our Horse Gravestones and advice on purchasing a stone for your pet by clicking the links below.

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A beautiful memorial slate for my horses

5/5 Stars

Searched the internet and was frustrated with the process, outrageous prices etc. When I found Rustic Stone I was pleasantly surprised with the ease at which I could design and order my plaque. Jeremy came back to me the same day and provided a mock up. His communication has been prompt and the finished article is a fitting marker to place over my horses. Packaging and courier service were spot on.


5/5 Stars

I have just had a slate memorial made . Jeremy sent me a mock up to ensure it was what I wanted. The finished article is stunning – beautifully made and arrived very quickly and beautifully packaged. I will be forever grateful to him each time I look at the memorial slate which was to commemorate my beloved horse.

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Quality of our Stone Products


Our Horse Memorials and Remembrances Examples on YouTube


Paying Tribute

Over a period of many years a strong bond is built between horse and rider whether the horse is used in sporting events or simply for recreational purposes. Many happy memories are enjoyed over this time but unfortunately these come to an end all too soon. Horse memorials give horse owners the opportunity to pay tribute to a loyal and trusted friend who has served faithfully over the years and to celebrate these treasured memories. Such a tribute will endure for many years to come, ensuring that the memory of this beloved friend is kept alive.


Tailored Stones

Horse memorials can be tailored to the exact specifications of the individual in order to ensure a fitting tribute to the memory and the personality of the horse. Horse owners can choose from a variety of materials and shapes and sizes which can be inscribed with details about the horse and even a tribute.